Patron Pays For Hog Penny Mug 52 Years Later

October 25, 2022 | 0 Comments

The Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub recently received an apology and $10 payment from a “prior pub patron” from Arizona in return for a mug that he apparently took 50 years ago, with Hog Penny saying the apology was “fully accepted.”

The message accompanying the $10 said, “Please accept this $10.00 as payment for a Hog Penny mug I took home with me as a souvenir in 1970 when I was in Bermuda on Spring Break. I’m sorry I didn’t try to pay for the mug at the time. Sincerely, a prior pub patron.”

The Hog Penny Restaurant & Pub posted the image below online, and said, “We are not sure what, after 52 years made ‘a prior pub patron’ feel enough remorse to chuck this apology in the mail all the way from Phoenix, Arizona, but well played. Apology fully accepted.”

Hog Penny Bermuda Oct 25 2022

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