BUEI Taking Over Eco-Schools Bermuda Initiative

June 21, 2019

The successful transition of membership has been approved for the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI] from the global organisation FEE, with BUEI now the sole provider of FEE programmes for Bermuda, serving as the contact on all related matters going forward.

Tara Curtis, CEO at BUEI, said, “A strong foundation for the Eco-Schools Programme has been laid by Greenrock in the last five years and places BUEI in a solid starting position to continue with this valuable programme.”

A spokesperson said, “There have been 22 schools with approximately 300 students who have participated in campus Eco-Clubs, leading the charge for sustainable practices within their broader school communities. Teams of students, administrators, educators and community volunteers engage in one of eight different pathways such as biodiversity, school grounds, waste reduction and energy, while monitoring data through initial audits and taking action to raise awareness and green their campuses.

“The global network of Eco-Schools spans 68 countries, and BUEI’s membership with the Foundation for Environmental Education allows for collaboration and the potential to connect the Bermuda’s Eco-Schools’ meaningful work with the world.

Eugene Dean of Greenrock said, “Since 2013 Greenrock has been the sole provider of programmes from the Foundation for Environmental Education [FEE] which resulted in Eco-Schools being our flagship programme for the past six years. Eco-Schools is an inspiring programme that has touched the lives of several students, teachers and volunteers in Bermuda. We are very proud of everything that has been achieved through Eco-Schools and thankful for everyone who has been involved.

“The primary goal of our organisation is to change mindsets and in that light Eco-Schools has been an extremely valuable tool. A key component to sustainability is building the capacity to work together and today we are very pleased with the relationship we have formed with BUEI.

“In spite of our deep connection and attachment to Eco-Schools, we recognise that, due to their size and structure, BUEI is far better suited to meeting the requirements of FEE Membership and ensuring that Eco-Schools has a strong presence in our schools for years to come. We applaud BUEI for having the courage to embrace this transition with us and have pledged to give their team our full support henceforth.”

Tara Curtis, CEO BUEI; Julie Steele, Head of Education, BUEI; Roxy Wingate, Warwick Academy student; Eugene Dean, Greenrock

Tara Curtis, Julie Steele, Roxy Wingate, & Eugene Dean Bermuda June 2019

Tara Curtis, CEO, BUEI

Tara Curtis, CEO, BUEI Bermuda June 2019

Eugene Dean, Greenrock

Eugene Dean, Greenrock Bermuda June 2019

Julie Steele, Head of Education, BUEI

Julie Steele, Head Of Education, BUEI Bemuda June 2019

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