32 Mirrors Students Complete Programme

June 12, 2019

32 young people — aged 14 to 18 years old — recently celebrated their successful completion of the Mirrors Community Programme.

The Community Programme is Mirrors flagship programme for transforming the lives of Bermuda’s youth. The work began with a highly engaged six-day camp in October 2018 which stimulates ideas and inspires youth to create immediate shifts in their behavior and approach to school and life. It ended after 8 months of coaching and experiential learning with a deeper application of the “8 Keys of Excellence”.

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Minister of Legal Affairs Kathy Lynn Simmons stated, “We wrap the community resources around the youth to make great youth greater. It is inspired from the African proverb, it takes a village to raise a child.”

Minister Simmons provided encouraging words to the youth, parents and volunteers commending them for their efforts and partnership on this journey.

She shared with parents, “We commend you for your participation in the parent workshop and parent meetings. It takes boldness to accept support from people you’ve never met or don’t know well and allow them the space to be a contribution to your family.

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We encourage you to continue integrating the 8 Keys in your home. Remember, practice makes progress! Our commitment to you is supported by being an ongoing resource.”

Minister Simmons further stated, “Congratulations and remember your journey doesn’t end here. Continue to live the 8 Keys of Excellence: Integrity: match behaviour and values; Failure leads to Success: learn from mistakes; Speak with Good Purpose: speak honestly and kindly; This Is It: make the most of every moment; Commitment: make your dreams happen; Responsibility: take responsibility for actions; Flexibility: be willing to do things differently and Balance: live your best life!”

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Kimberley Jackson, the Programme Manager, stated, “I would like to thank the staff of Mirrors for their dedication and commitment to the organization and the community. I would also like to thank the Community Partners for their contribution to the success of the young people.

“To parents, volunteers, and students, I say thank you, thank you for taking this on. This is truly a community programme. To the young people I am pleased with your results and I charge you to take what you have learned and live your best life.

For more information on the Mirrors Programme call 294-9291 or email mirrors@gov.bm.

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