21 Mirrors Students Complete Programme

July 22, 2020

Last week, the Mirrors Programme held a virtual celebration to honour the 21 young people who completed their annual Community Programme.

The Attorney–General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Senator Kathy Lynn Simmons encouraged the participants and stated, “Remember the hallmarks of this experience. The self-reflection exercise during the enrollment process where you looked at what you wanted to achieve through this programme.

“The highly engaged residential camp which stimulated ideas and inspired you to create immediate shifts in your behaviour and approach to school and life. The campus visit that gave you first-hand experience of a university setting.

“The friendships developed through the life coach experience that allowed you to be in action on your goals, and the monthly engagements that allowed the deepening of the “Eight Keys of Excellence” in your lives. These skills and experiences are hallmarks and testaments of future leaders. Use the tools that you learned to carry forward and unleash the peer influence in your schools and our community”.

A spokesperson added, “Parents and volunteers were acknowledged and praised for supporting the students to achieve success in confidence building;improving self-esteem; raising grades; active listening; better relationships, and adopting healthier ways to handle mistakes.

“In turn, parents and students thanked their life coaches and Mirrors for the support over the past year, particularly around helping students realize their goals. Many flooded the chat with things they achieved, their growth and what they will do to lead using the following hashtags #IAchieve #IGrew #ILead.

“It was noted that Mirrors local staff members, Jeanene Todd and Khalid Davis facilitated at an international level for the first time at the Stanford camp. Jeanene and Joanne Woods carried the leadership of the cohort over the past 11 months.

“The programme traditionally ends after eight months of coaching and experiential learning; however, the life coach volunteers extended their coaching relationship due to the current pandemic. Parents had their own experiences in the programme through the parent workshop and meetings designed to support students to apply what they learned at camp.

“The cornerstone of the Mirrors curriculum is the Eight Keys of Excellence – integrity: match behaviour and values; failure leads to success; learn from mistakes; speak with good purpose: speak honestly and kindly; make the most of every moment; commitment, make your dreams happen; responsibility, take responsibility for actions; flexibility, be willing to do things differently and balance, live your best life!”

The following awards were presented to the Cohort 15 Community Programme participants, age 14-18 years old.

Youth Awards

  • Speak With Good Purpose Award – Jahvon Hayward
  • Ownership Award –Julio Rivera-Cabrera
  • Flexibility Award – Mya Swan
  • Balance Award – Kailyn Stevens
  • Outstanding Youth Award – Glenice Simmons

Life Coach Awards

  • This Is It Award –Kim Greene
  • Commitment Award – Gary Joel.
  • Flexibility Award -Patrice Brown
  • Balance Award –Sarah Turnbull.
  • Outstanding Life Coach Award – Meisckha Zuill.

For more information on the Mirrors Programme and to inquire about becoming a life coach call 294-9291 or email mirrors@gov.bm.

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