SAL Staff To Return To Work After Downing Tools

June 29, 2019

[Written by Don Burgess]

Employees will return to work at SAL after they walked off this job yesterday. Wornell Steede, the Bermuda Industrial Union’s chief shop steward for the SAL employees, told Bernews the issue for the strike was resolved yesterday afternoon with management.

The central issue resolved around three employees whose contracts had not been signed. He said the employees were not looking for a wage increase as “things are tight” right now.

He said that chief executive Vance Campbell had told them earlier if the employees tried to force a wage, they would not renew the contracts of employees.

He said the employees felt that was trying “to force their hands.” He said it was the first time they had ever been dealt with in such a manner, which he said was surprising since Vance Campbell is a senator.

“So we decided to down tools until they came to the table again. We met at 12 o’clock.”

He said after the meeting, the three contracts were signed.

“I’m pleased their contracts were signed, but I will see how far things go as there are other issues,” he said. “We need to work in a safe environment, and we need management to listen.

“Also, we don’t need to be threatened when we’re all men and women who can come to a good understanding when things get tough.”

He said the SAL employees last got a raise in 2017-18 contract with a 2.5% increase in pay. But with how hard the times are right now, they want to work together with management to protect jobs.

“We don’t want people used as a pawn. As a senator, and as a PLP senator, let’s have some respect.

“We are here to negotiate, not be dictated to. All we want is a conversation so we can come to an understanding that comes to a conclusion.”

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  1. Question says:

    I imagine the tools they ‘downed’ were the ones they were supposed to be selling, right?

  2. older resident says:

    Fire them,Bermuda is overflowing with unemployed thanks to the plp scaring businesses away.

  3. Pork & Bean says:

    Quote: But with how hard the times are right now, they want to work together with management to protect jobs.

    I’m confused, I thought everything was great and we were not in a recession? One minister giving away $50K while another in the same construction business is telling employees not to ask for a raise! Which one is it? Good times? or bad times? You all celebrated and rejoiced at 24-12! And it has been downhill ever since.

    Look at your pay stubs pre-PLP and compare them to what you take home now. Compare your grocery prices and tell me are you getting more for less like we were all promised.

    Now you know what they really meant when they said they would be putting more money the “the peoples” pockets. wink wink

  4. Horsemeat says:

    Given how SAL have had three major contracts on the go at the same time and they are the sole supplier of concrete on island that “times are hard”. Sounds to me like their maximizing profits at the expense of the workers.

    That said, when the airport and the new Belco plant are complete, there is nothing else on the horizon given the sheer incompetence of this Government.

  5. Slipnut says:

    Red flag; ( things are tight right now ) this is summertime. The busiest time of the year for this industry. What is the plan to stimulate our economy? We need to hear from our leaders on what the plan is. Winter is coming.

  6. Horsemeat says:

    THERE IS NO PLAN! Fintech doesn’t produce construction jobs, people do. We have less and less people each year due to the policies of this Government. The PLP work on the premise that people vote on color alone, so results are irrelevant, rhetoric is everything.

    The ONLY way this island can return to prosperity is to bring in more people. Like it or not, that is the only answer. Swallow your pride and vote for prosperity over supremacy.

    • Double S says:

      “The PLP work on the premise that people vote on color alone, so results are irrelevant, rhetoric is everything.”

      Spot on comment right there…

    • RIP oba/UBP says:

      Your oba/UBP are the guilty when it centers around color thus the only reason they changed the name and also reverted back to having a black leader aka JetGate Craig.

  7. Joe says:

    Sounds like you all have the answers, why dont you go run for government so you can fix all the issues like you did from your desk.