Petition To ‘Save Gombeys Bar Clearwater Beach’

November 9, 2019

[Written by Don Burgess]

An online petition to save ‘Gombeys Bar at Clearwater Beach’ has garnered more than 1,400 signatures.

Owner Marlon Laws told Bernews he was flattered by the amount of support he has received since learning that his lease would not be renewed.

“I feel really blessed over that,” Mr Laws said. “A lot of people love Gombeys because it has good vibes. They love it, so I wasn’t too surprised by the support.”

Visitor Amy Hoglund started the petition at the Change.Org website. In it, she says, “As many of you know, Gombeys is a family comfortable beach bar with great food, spirits, music, staff who goes above and beyond to cater to their guests. You visit once and become like family.”

She doesn’t want to see it commercialized and lose that homey, comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Ms Hoglund added: “Marlon has put his heart and soul into Gombeys and to see it taken from him is heartbreaking. We need to try and help him save Gombeys. The reason I travel across the island is to kick back and relax at this awesome beach bar. I have sent many guests to Gombeys when they visit Bermuda, and they instantly feel the same way, and when they return, they go right back to Gombeys because they feel like family.”

Kimberley Barnes started a conversation on social media about how the Laws were unsuccessful in their bid to continue to operate Gombeys and was disappointing in that her family enjoyed the “laid back” attitude.

She told Bernews, “Mr Laws took it and built it when no one else wanted it. He has kept it authentic and casual and almost like a Caribbean ‘shack’ bar, which the tourists love. It’s casual but good food and prices. “They’ve made an effort to get on tourist boards and advertise and get mini-buses and cabs to bring tourists there.

“It just seems a shame to take something that’s working, and replace it with someone who already has numerous other concessions [more commercialized and pricey ones at that]. We should be spreading the wealth.”

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Comments (14)

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  1. sage says:

    3 guesses as to who will take over…

    • Debbie Masters says:

      I am shocked to hear this news at Gombey’s, I walk my Dog there every day, I always stop and say hello to Mr. Laws. He has worked hard to make this a nice and safe place for Tourists and Locals, the best Fish Sandwich anywhere. My Son and all the Harley Bikers from the Cruise Ships go there in droves every summer plus Tour Buses drop off Tourists every day. This is downright disgrace to do this to a hard working Bermudian.

    • Nigel Spider says:

      Lol I only need one guess! Team Greedy…

  2. Young says:

    Beach boys. You guessed it. Tobacco Bay, Snorkel Park, Airport and Cosmopolitans. Damn Danny. Take a break dude.. I prob missed a few more. I support Marlon because my buddy puts heart into Gombeys.

  3. wildfire says:

    Tabacco Bay and they are also taking over snorkel park how many more beaches do they want.

  4. Barness says:

    This really does stink.

  5. frank says:

    beach boys again just like snorkel park Gombeys has a true carribean vibe

  6. frank says:

    beach boys again

  7. frank says:

    beach boys

  8. imjustsaying says:

    Yeah I want be surprised at who is talking it over. SMH!

  9. Darnell Raynor says:

    Bermuda tourism board go and find a area and start it from the ground up for tourism.
    Bermudian start something and persons think sincecthe are in authority they have the easy road. JUST TAKE.

  10. Regards says:

    putting one’s money where one’s petition signature is would make better sense.

  11. Charlly X says:

    So what’s the plan for the area under the the Quangos

  12. Liberian Girl says:

    VERY sad as a Bermudian Flavour & Vibe will be lost to commercialism. This shouldn’t happen and is darn right out of order. I am hoping that Gombbeys can be kept as we need the island flare to continue. The Bermuda culture is certainly at a loss if this establishment closes. Hoping for the best Marlon!