200 Visit KEMH Due To Road Accidents In June

July 23, 2019

200 people visited the Hospital’s Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre last month due to road traffic accidents, according to the latest statistics from the Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB].

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Hospitals Board Emergency Department attended to 200 road traffic accident cases in June. While the overwhelming majority of people were discharged home after their Emergency Department care, two were admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, and 18 to general wards at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital [KEMH].

“Two people were discharged to overseas medical facilities and two were under the age of 18. Of the 200 cases seen in Emergency, 17 were tourists.”

The full BHB Road Traffic Accident Statistics 2019 follows below [PDF here]:

2019 Bermuda Hospitals Board Road Traffic Accident Statistics June

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  1. Davie Kerr says:

    I’m sorry to learn of those figures, but I’ve been saying for years that the average Bermuda driver is not fit to drive a nail through a block of wood: I think the fact that only 17 out of those 200 were tourists is ample proof of that contention.
    Our official speed limit is a paltry 35 kph, and our average driving speed is in the 40-45 kph range: there is NO WAY we should be having this many injury accidents at those speeds! Speeding? Tailgating? Drink? Drugs? Plain inattention? Slice it any way you like, apart from the rare instances of either sudden mechanical defect or sudden driver illness, it basically boils down to simple human error.

  2. Bs says:

    Now can we tell how many were alcohol related so we can measure the effectiveness of telling everyone where the checkpoints are in advance . Some might conclude we are just wasting our money !