111 Visit KEMH Due To Road Accidents In Jan

February 18, 2020

111 people visited the Hospital’s Emergency Department or Urgent Care Centre last month due to road traffic accidents, according to the latest statistics from the Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB].

According to BHB, “Bermuda Hospitals Board road traffic accident statistics for the month of January are available in the table above and reveal the following in relation to road traffic accidents:

  • “111 cases were seen in the Emergency Department at King Edward VII Memorial Hospital
  • “1 person was admitted to ICU
  • “18 people were admitted to acute units [not ICU]
  • “One 16-year old was admitted
  • “One tourist was seen in the Emergency Department”

2020 BHB Road Traffic Accident Statistics Feb 2020

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  1. Jack says:

    Not surprised, every morning I travel into town from the west side on a bike and every morning I am passed by hundreds of idiots on bikes traveling at high speeds, over taking traffic on narrow tight corners, overtaking cars on the inside, driving on the wrong side of the road and generally disobeying all of the rules of the road. On the odd occasion that I have spoken to one of these people about their driving I always get a rude and threatening response. The police are nowhere to be found. I rarely ever see them out catching speeders and middle-laners. The roads of this island are a very dangerous place to be at any time of day and these statistics prove that fact. How many more accidents are there where the injured party goes to one of the new private urgent care centers or don’t attend a hospital at all. The attitudes of these people are not going to change. The buck stops with the police and the judiciary, they need to come down hard on these people with stiffer penalties.

  2. PANGAEA says:


    A great proportion of collisions are as a direct result of excessive speed, over taking and tail gating in areas where prudence and good judgement should be exercised.

    Bermuda roads are not the place to resolve anger issues.

    Bermuda roads are not the place for impaired driving.

    Part of Bermuda’s charm for our visitors are our winding roads where there is a pleasant surprise around every corner, are we spoiling their life long dream to visit our shores.

    Bermuda roads are not a race tract as some bike riders would have you believe for them it is a question of time where they will hit sand or an oil spill and wind up in the I.C.U.

    Overtaking is not practical, and should always be considered dangerous .

    There is always some thing or another vehicle coming on the other side , it is virtually impossible to judge speed of an oncoming vehicle , some people make poor decisions and take chances and risk it all with the hope that their vehicle is capable to executing this high speed maneuver. Dirt in the fuel tank could end it all.

    Why is Bermuda’s speed limit set on open roads at 35 k ? are we looking at one size fits all here, this speed limit should not be considered suitable for all roads and all weather condition including night driving in the rain at certain times reducing speed makes more sense.

    Let me speak out in favor of 35 k as it is the Government’s obligation to protect public safety on our roads the Government has no choice to set the lowest practical speed limit, regardless of the fact that it is a “one size fits all limitation”, to suit cars; bikes; busses ; tractor trailers; panel vans, etc.

    Increasing the legal driving limit to cater to a selected few will invite aditional disaster.

    The sooner the driving public realize that are not the only ones behind the wheel the better, courtesy with in limitations is the answer.

    Today modern vehicles are designed not to suit Bermuda driving conditions having additional and higher top gearing ratios with view to save fuel , every body is looking for a minimum of 30 m/p.g. Selecting a lower gear has many advantages.