Longer Route For This Year’s BHW Carnival

February 27, 2018

Since the first year of Bermuda Carnival, masqueraders have asked for one thing – more road – and this year, Bermuda Heroes Weekend has doubled the length of the Parade of Bands route to allow masqueraders more time on the road to for an improved carnival experience.

The parade kicks off at 10am on June 18th with the new route starting at Clearwater Beach, then onto Southside Road heading towards number one gate.

This will be the first rest stop for lunch for an hour where masqueraders can rehydrate and refresh themselves before starting the second lap of the parade. The second lap will start at 2pm and take partiers on the same route back to Clearwater Beach for the end of the parade.

A look at the new Bermuda Heroes Weekend Carnival Route for 2018:

Masqueraders can decide if they want to do the full parade route for the full Parade of Bands experience or start once lunch has concluded for the second lap.

Jason Sukdeo, President, Bermuda Heroes Weekend Ltd, says: “We have listened to masquerader’s demands for more road since our launch event in 2015. We started Parade of Bands in Dockyard and expanded the following year to Southside. We are now meeting the demands by doubling the parade route.

“Now, it’s up to you to decide which parade experience you want. If you can handle it, come at 10am for the full parade or if you want to sleep in a little longer after J’ouvert, meet us at number one gate for the second lap. Parade of Bands will be the ultimate Bermuda Heroes Weekend experience this year.”

Parade of Bands will be held on Monday, June 18 as the finale of Bermuda Heroes Weekend. For more information on the parade, the weekend or bands to register with, please visit www.bermudaheroesweekend.com.

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  1. Not a fan but understand the hype says:

    I was really hoping this parade would go back to Dockyard. So I have two requests. Firstly, can the organizers make every effort to have persons picking up the trash as the parade proceeds. Secondly, ensure there is a police presence to monitor the drink driving after the event. Persons can have a great time with all the drinking that goes on, but do not get behind a wheel. Have designated drivers on hand. These are serious requests!

  2. biggadon says:

    LOVE IT….. let the festivities begin !

  3. puzzled says:

    Longer Route?
    You betcha………
    Everything will be longer since the PLP have taken over.

  4. Warrior says:

    Nah Nah Nah….. I take it Video’s of past years have not been perused. Many participants are panting for breath by the Police Station and by the time they reach Pizza House – game ovah. How the heck are they going to make it twice round. Need serious reconsideration..

  5. somuchless says:

    You lot are acting like it’s 500 floats. It’s only 5.

  6. Fun for all says:

    People are out to have a good time chipping and dancing at their own pace. It’s about enjoyment of the music, friends and having a wonderful time. It’s not about the entertainment of onlookers. Carnival is about positive vibes and spreading love! I love the idea of the longer route!

  7. Meh says:

    So it’s pretty much impossible to go from j’ouvert to the parade? If you are going for the full day parade like Trinidad perhaps you should follow suit and have jouvert the day before like they do as well. I love the idea of the full day but to add j’ouvert on top is silly

    • Carnivalist says:

      Impossible?..how so….just dont go to Jouvert if you cant manage going from event to event! From Wednesday with the poolparty until Monday night! Some, if not NO SLEEP!:)

  8. Betty says:

    And we can smoke a spear this year

    • Truth is killin’ me... says:

      Go ahead. It’s still illegal. And if popo’s about don’t come crying!