BMOC Deals With Four Incidents On Sunday

August 6, 2019

The Cup Match holiday weekend wrapped up with a raft up event at Mangrove Bay on Sunday [Aug 4] and Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre Duty Officers were kept busy handling incidents in Bermuda’s waters which included two boats with people on board capsizing, an unmanned vessel drifting in Mangrove Bay, and a disabled boat in Hamilton Harbour.

A Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre spokesperson said, “Sunday 4th August, 10:11am. Bermuda Radio received reports by Marine VHF from the local charter vessel Elizabeth, advising they had sighted the 13ft Rental Boston Whaler R144 capsized, near Hogfish Beacon, in the Great Sound, with 5 persons reported in the water.

“Bermuda Radio commenced urgency Marine VHF Broadcasts, and the local vessel Excellence promptly assisted recovering the persons safely from the water and subsequently towing the stricken vessel to Dockyard.

“Sunday 4th August, 11:34am. Bermuda Radio received reports by Marine VHF from the local Power Craft Dauntless. Advising the 13ft Rental Boston Whaler R139, was capsized in the vicinity of Watford Bridge with 5 persons reported in the water, one of which was a non-swimmer, and quickly recovered by the Dauntless.

“Bermuda Radio commenced Urgency Marine VHF Broadcasts, and promptly tasked the Marine Police supported by the Royal Bermuda Regiment, who attended with Marine Police Craft Rescue 2 and safely recovered the other persons from the water, and towed the stricken vessel to Somerset, advising the tour company to shut down the Rental Operations for the rest of the day given the prevailing weather conditions.

“Sunday 4th August, 12:06pm. Bermuda Radio received reports via 911 from a member of public, advising the 40 ft Power Craft Justified was drifting in Mangrove Bay with no-one on board. The reporting source advised, that while he remained on his vessel, his other crew member was on-board the drifting vessel trying to secure it, and that further assistance was required.

“The Royal Bermuda Regiment where tasked, and RBR 41I promptly arrived on scene to assist, while Bermuda Radio contacted and informed the registered owner who subsequently secured the vessel.

“Sunday 4th August, 3:42pm. Bermuda Radio was contacted by the Ferry Corona, reporting the 22ft power craft Sea Fox disabled off Hamilton cargo docks, with 4 persons on board. The disabled vessel was observed trying to row towards the docks. Bermuda Radio tasked the marine police, and Rescue I was quickly on scene assisting, and towed the vessel safely back to her moorings.”

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