Videos: Around The Island Powerboat Race Start

August 18, 2019

[Updated] The 2019 Rubis Around the Island Powerboat Race is getting underway this afternoon [Aug 18] with racing scheduled to begin at 2.00pm from Ferry Reach. You can watch a live stream below, and we will have additional coverage later on after the event concludes.

Update: The live replay is below

Update: A second live replay is below, filmed from the Tobacco Bay area

Update: Results from the BPBA of today’s Round the Island race

  • A29 50.19. New record David Selley and Scott Barnes
  • B08 43.52 New record Mark Selley and Jordan Fletcher
  • C87 50.05 Chad Sutherland and Terrance Rance
  • D69 49.25 Shaw Butterfield and Jermal Woolridge
  • S187 34.01 Steven Eversley and Brandon Franks
  • In addition to setting a new A Class record, David Selley and Scott Barnes also took line honors, first across the line

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  1. Real Deal says:

    Gov needs to find a way to support this event making sure it is broadcasted to the world. Bermudians need to take this event to the next level. We need to invest into advancing the technology of these craft. come up with different ideas to make these boat faster more stable useless fuel ect. we need to take ownership of the technology and reestablish our dominance on the water just like the boat we made for the Rum Trade. This is the type of technology we should be working on at a min. research and development