Round The Island Powerboat Race This Sunday

August 4, 2022

On Sunday [Aug 7] the Bermuda Powerboat Association [BPBA] will be hosting the Round The Island Powerboat Race.

A spokesperson said, “The day commences with junior races at Ferry Reach at 10:30am. Next there will be a jet ski race commencing at 12:30. We have 5 jet skis registered so far but hope this number will increase as we get closer.

“Finally powerboat racing commences at 2pm. A, B, C, D and S class boats have entered. So far there are 18 boats registered but this number is expected to grow after the final sign up meeting this evening.

“We have a number of crash boats that will be scattered around the island. The Coast Guard will be on hand to support crash boats. We advise it is an offence to disobey instructions given by any crash boat or Coast Guard.

“Pompano is an area many congregate to spectate. In previous years our racers have found it difficult to navigate through spectator boats anchored in the area and find it difficult to maintain their own race line. This years buoys will be placed along the Pompano Beach stretch. We ask for those intending to anchor to do so on the outside of these buoys. The teams will be racing between the shore line and the buoys.

“We ask for exceptional care and caution when moving around near the race course. Any wake thrown can have a disastrous effect on the racing boats. Care should be taken to not traverse over any of the race lines once the race has started. The race boats will be traveling at full speed – in excess of 100kph.”

Around The Island Powerboat Race Bermuda Aug 2022

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