BELCO Monday Morning Update: 2061 Out

September 23, 2019

Following the passage of Hurricane Humberto, BELCO’s staff have been working hard to restore power, and as of 9.00am this morning [Sept 23], just over 2,000 customers remain out of power.

The company said, “Customers out as of 9:00am: 2061 [6%]. And remaining outages by parish, in no particular order:

  • St George’s: 218
  • Pembroke: 264
  • Sandys: 260
  • Devonshire: 400
  • Smith’s: 211
  • Warwick: 213
  • Paget: 255
  • Southampton: 104
  • Hamilton: 136

“Today’s work focus—There are branch line circuits, priority customers, and pockets of residential areas that remain out. Crews are focusing largely on following areas:


  • Secretary Lane
  • Lighthouse Hill
  • Floral Lane
  • Near Biological Station Road [residential]
  • Loyal Hill
  • Cavendish Heights
  • Mt. Pelier
  • Sousa’s Estate
  • Harlem Height’s


  • Langton Hill
  • King’s Gate Lane
  • Long Ridge Pass
  • Millshares
  • Harvey Road
  • Harbour Road


  • Long Bay Lane [Continued]
  • Rings Court—Cobbs Hill
  • Harbour Road—Tamarind Vale
  • Riddles Bay
  • Scott’s Hill
  • Pompano Lane
  • Crossfield Lane
  • Newport Garden
  • Granaway Heights
  • Paddock Drive
  • Heydon Drive
  • Middle Road Southampton
  • Onion Patch
  • Craddock Drive

“If your area is not listed, do not panic! Your issues are also being addressed, both indirectly and directly. Due to the complex system of interdependencies that make up our electrical system, issues in the areas above need to be addressed before issues further “down the line” can be fixed and households brought back online [just as issues that have already been repaired were addressed before the areas above]. Our crews are working methodically, efficiently, and as quickly as they can to bring the entire system back online.”

Yesterday, a BELCO spokesperson explained: “It is clear that a number of tornadoes hit the island, which uprooted a large amount of vegetation and caused extensive damage to our infrastructure, more than had been identified in early assessments of our transmission and distribution system. As a result it may take a little longer than anticipated to get all our customers reconnected.”

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