Video: Press Conference On Humberto

September 18, 2019

[Updated] Minister of National Security Wayne Caines, National Disaster Coordinator Steve Cosham and BWS Director James Dodgson held a press conference this afternoon [Sept 18] to provide an update regarding Hurricane Humberto. The press conference has just concluded and we will update with the text as able, you can view the video below, and all our live updates on Hurricane Humberto here.

The 14-minute live video replay is below:

Update 1.42pm: Minister Caines remarks:

Good afternoon everyone,

Hurricane Humberto is a category 3 hurricane and forecast to maintain that status from now until the hurricane has passed Bermuda.

Following my meeting with the Emergency Measures Organization today, the public is advised of the following.

  • Storm force winds are expected to pick up and we now advise the public to be off the roads by 5pm today.
  • All public schools will close at 12pm today
  • The last ferry will leave Hamilton at 12pm today
  • All buses will be off the roads at 4pm with the last bus leaving Hamilton at 3pm
  • All government offices will close today at 12 noon today and will reopen on Thursday.
  • Elective surgeries the King Edward Memorial Hospital ended at 12 noon today
  • Outpatient clinics will be closed on Thursday
  • All trash collection ended as of noon today and will not recommence until Friday.
  • Tynes Bay Waste Treatment Facility will close as of 4pm today.
  • All Bermuda public Beaches will close at of 2pm today
  • The Causeway will close as of 6pm today.
  • The Royal Bermuda Regiment has been embodied.
  • King Edward Memorial Hospital will initiate their Hospital Incident Command Centre as of 3pm with ambulances being located all around the island.
  • Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre in St. Davids will be open at 4pm today.
  • Belco will have members of staff also position in east, west and central parishes.
  • Cedarbridge Academy will be open as the storm shelter for those in need from 4pm today.
  • The Hamilton docks are closed
  • Emergency broadcast facility at 100.1fm will go live as of 6pm today
  • Police ComOps will be in operation with representatives from:
    • Bermuda Fire and Rescue Services;
    • Royal Bermuda Regiment;
    • Works & Engineering;
    • Belco; and
    • Parks Dept.
  • The public are strongly advised to stay off the roads until the all clear is given by the EMO Thursday.
  • Airport evening flights have been cancelled
    • BA from London
    • AA from Miami
    • AA from new York
    • Jet blue from New York

I also remind the public that they can easily stay informed about the latest information and updates on Hurricane Humberto by downloading and installing the Bermuda Government Tree Frog app, available for free from the Apple and Google Play store.

You can also visit and the Government of Bermuda Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for information.

I will now turn you over to James Dodgson for further information.

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