Draw 4 Change Art Exhibition Student Winners

October 10, 2019

The Bermuda Road Safety Council & RUBiS Energy Bermuda Ltd. announced the Student Winners of the Draw 4 Change Student Art Contest.

A spokesperson said, “The Draw 4 Change Student Art Contest was launched by RUBiS, with the support of the Bermuda Road Safety Council, and the Drive for Change Campaign. Every participating student provided a piece of art that demonstrated their interpretation on ‘What Road Safety Meant to Them’. Student entries were on display at the Bermuda Society of Arts Gallery this past July, and may still be viewed online here.

“In total, 175 students from both public and private schools decided to share their creative talents and submit original pieces of art, which included Primary & Middle School students.

“The student winners [* schools listed were the school of record during competition] were:

Lower Primary [Primary 1 to 3]

  • 4th Place – Amaya Davis [Dalton Tucker Primary];
  • 3rd Place – Saniyah Govia [West Pembroke Primary];
  • 2nd Place – Ruth Correia [Somerset Primary]
  • Winner – India Barioni [West Pembroke Primary]

Upper Primary [Primary 4 to 6]

  • 4th Place – Jayla Peets-Butterfield [West Pembroke Primary];
  • 3rd Place – Kateri Zuill [Francis Patton Primary];
  • 2nd Place – Jayden Lambert [Chatmore British International School]
  • Winner – Seri Fisher [Somerset Primary]

Middle School [M1 to M3]

  • 4th Place – Christopher Woolgar [Warwick Academy];
  • 3rd Place – Chinae DeSilva [Clearwater Middle School];
  • 2nd Place – Zea Swainson [Bermuda Institute]
  • Winner – Grace Flannery [Warwick Academy]

“All students had a specific template to follow as the top entries would be featured in the 2020 RUBiS Calendar. There was however, one student, whose artwork resonated with most of the judges, and was a fan favourite. Despite the artwork not conforming to the template, the decision was made to still recognize the creativity and enthusiasm. The artwork would be recognized in the 2020 RUBiS Calendar as a special one-off cover page. The artist was Ms. Aaliyah Muhammed [T.N. Tatem Middle School/ Sandys Middle School].

“The Stationery Store donated Gift Certificates to each student, ranging in value to $25 [4th Place], $50 [3rd Place], $75 [2nd Place], and $125 [Grade Category Winner]. Ms. Muhammed also received a Winner’s Prize as well.

“For having a student become a Grade Category Winner, these schools also received a $250 Stationery Store Gift Certificate:

  • Somerset Primary;
  • Warwick Academy; &
  • West Pembroke Primary.

“Each student that finished in the Top 4 automatically qualified their school to be invited to participate in the upcoming Fuelling 4 a Cause Promotion [“F4aC”] this November at the RUBiS Service Station Network. To confirm, these nine schools are:

  • Bermuda Institute
  • Chatmore British Int’l School
  • Clearwater Middle School
  • Dalton Tucker Primary
  • Francis Patton Primary
  • Sandys Middle School
  • Somerset Primary
  • Warwick Academy
  • West Pembroke Primary

“As some schools that had multiple winners, a further two schools will be invited to join these 9. The Draw 4 Change judges used a scoring rubric for the submitted artworks, and the schools with the highest scores were Purvis Primary & West End Primary.

“During those weeks in November, RUBiS will donate 5¢ for every gallon sold to these eleven participating schools. Schools that participate in F4aC are guaranteed a minimum $1,000 donation from RUBiS, plus the opportunity to increase that amount via Activation Programs during F4aC. It should be noted that the 2018 charities that participated in F4aC shared over $30,000 in donations.

“Special thanks are extended to the judges:

  • Angel Smith;
  • Carmen Jones;
  • Christina White;
  • Dianna Armstrong;
  • Graham Redford;
  • Nzingha Ming; &
  • Wendy Madeiros.

Mr. Anguel Anguelov, Managing Director of RUBiS, said, “The strength and depth of the safety messages conveyed by these student drawings is amazing. Safety is extremely important when using the roads, just like in every other aspect of life. With these drawings, our students have demonstrated they understand how important safety is, and that they care about, and are considerate towards the people of Bermuda, its environment, and themselves. I would encourage every student to keep this mindset in the future when they become regular road users as well. They are our stars of today, and tomorrow. RUBiS is proud to that this event has been able to promote Road Safety Awareness amongst both the young and old. For us, safety is paramount, and our team follows this without compromises in every activity we do.”

Jermaine Simons, Sales Manager of RUBiS said, “It is clear by the quality of work for each age group, by the critical safety messages that were being conveyed, and the enthusiastic visions from each student, that safety on our roads is important to all, even if you don’t have a drivers’ license like these student artists. We hope that the driving community can take these kids’ messages to heart, and practice safer driving habits. “

Racháel Robinson, the Road Safety Officer for the Bermuda Road Safety Council, said, “’It has been said that children are our future; teach them well, and let them lead the way’. Our children whose artwork will be featured in the first ever Bermuda Road Safety Calendar speaks just to that. Let’s enjoy the displayed work, take heed to the safety messages, and all do our part to make Bermuda’s roads safer”.

“For more information, please visit our website at www.rubis-bermuda.com.”

The full RUBiS Energy Bermuda 2020 Calendar follows below [PDF here]

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