Official Govt & Legal Notices For Dec 10 2019

December 10, 2019

The official Government and Legal notices for today [Dec 10] include notification of planning applications registered.


List Of Proposed Planning Applications Advertised On December 10, 2019

  • Notice Type: Government Notice
  • Notice Sub Type: Notification of Planning Applications Registered
  • Notice ID: GN1360/2019
  • Public Authorities / Department: Planning
  • Publication date: 10 December 2019

Government Of Bermuda

Department of Planning

Dame Lois Browne‑Evans Building, 58 Court Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda

Phone: [441] 295‑5151 Fax: [441] 295‑4100

Listing Of Plan Applications Registered [For Advertisement]

Applications Advertised on 12/10/2019 . This list was printed on 12/10/2019.

Objections to applications must be received within 14 days of the date advertised [December 24, 2019]

Summary of Application Details

The applications shown below are available for review on the EnerGov Customer Self Service Portal

[], or during normal working hours at the

Department of Planning, 5th Floor, Dame Lois Browne Evans Building, 58 Court Street, Hamilton HM 12.

Any person wishing to object must do so within 14 days of the date advertised [12/10/2019]

Letters of objection should state any interest which the objector[s] may have in property nearby, supply an address

at which notice may be served on the objector[s], and provide a concise statement of the grounds of the objection.

For further information on the objection procedure see the Development and Planning [Applications Procedure]

Rules 1997.

Application Application #


Ianthia Simmons‑Wade PLAN‑0112‑19

225 Middle Road

Southampton BM SN04

Proposed Two [2] New Floating Docks 32 ft. by 6 ft [192 sq. ft.]. [Listed Building]

[Final Approval]


Ita Furbert PLAN‑0026‑19

6 Spicery Road

Warwick BM WK02

Proposed Addition of 2 Closets.

[Final Approval]

John & Frances Portelli PLAN‑0114‑19

72 Harbour Road

Warwick BM WK06

Proposed New Concrete Access Slab to Existing Dock, New Storage Area Outdoor Shower and

Planter, Bermuda Stone Wall to Match Existing, New Lay‑by & 3 ft. Wide Gate, and Widen Existing Steps.

[Final Approval]


ACE Brewing Company Ltd. PLAN‑0132‑19

2 Hermitage Road

Devonshire BM FL01

Proposed Change of Use from Warehouse to Beer Brewery [Manufacturing] and Small Ancillary Bar.

[Final Approval]


The official notices above have been republished from the relevant section on the official Government website. If you wish to view ‘hard copies’, the Department of Libraries & Archives prints them and you can visit the main library on Queen Street or the Government Archives in the Government Administration Building on Parliament Street to view them.

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