Ten People Arrested For Impaired Driving

December 9, 2019

Ten people were arrested for impaired driving from Friday evening [Dec 6] until Sunday evening [Dec 8].

A police spokesperson said, “Ten motorists were arrested on suspicion of impaired driving over the weekend, with road sobriety checkpoints conducted in seven parishes from the evening of Friday, December 6th until the evening of Sunday, December 8th.

“6 of the 10 motorists arrested on suspicion of impaired driving were caught at road sobriety checkpoints.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    The weekend exercise most likely cost us tens of thousands in BPS overtime & regular hours. What is the ROI in the effort? Sheesh! You tell em when & where you will be. How much sense does that make?

    Get out there at random high traffic places & at drinking times. Take discretionary penalty away from the courts. First offence, 3 month driving ban, enough to get the attention for most. Second offence, 6 month ban. Third offence, one year ban. Fourth, two year ban & so on.

    Five years no DUI wipes record clean.