AXA End-To-End Announces New Route

February 19, 2020

The AXA End-to-End is adding a new route this year – the End-to-Middle, starting in St. George’s and finishing at Barr’s Bay park.

“As one of our Board members said, ‘if it’s not broken, break it’ and we thought, why not – let’s change it up a bit,” said Anne Mello the AXA End-to-End board chair.

This year the charities being supported are: The Garden Club of Bermuda, Vision Bermuda, the Family Centre and the Bermuda Zoological Society.

Mrs Mello added: “These are four fantastic charities that perfectly complement the End-to-End’s commitment to a better, stronger Bermuda.”

Routes for walkers this year will be the End-to-Middle, Middle-to-End, End-to-End, as well as a Fun Walk. The End-to-Middle will finish at Barr’s Bay Park and the Middle-to-End will start at Barr’s Bay Park, due to construction work at Albuoy’s Point,

For cyclists there will be the End-to-End-to-End ‘Elite’ route, the End-to-End, the Middle-to-End and a route for Fun Cyclists.

Rowers, swimmers, paddle boarders and Pilot Gig rowers will also have a route. All the details will be listed on

Mrs Mello added: “This is a fun, fundraising event, it helps great charities, it raises money for schools, and it is a great way to get fit. Please help us help the community in which we all live and sign up.”

Details of registration will be announced soon.

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