Two Dogs Still Not Located After Attacks

February 18, 2020

The two “pit-bull type dogs” — which killed other pets in the Trinity Church Road/Abotts Cliff area on February 5 have still not been located, officials confirmed today [Feb 18].

A Government spokesperson previously said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs can confirm that the dogs still have not been located, despite extensive searches by the animal wardens.

“The public are reminded that any persons found harboring these animals could be liable for court action. Under Section 22 of the Dogs Act 2008, it is an offense to keep a dog that has caused death or injury to a person or animal.

“Further, under Section 28, it is an offense if a person refuses or fails to give information in connection with an offense committed under the Act.”

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  1. BaileysBay says:

    The dog wardens know who the owner of these dogs is, at least early reports said that the wardens were working with the dogs owner to find the dogs. Maybe put the owner in jail or impose a daily fine until he or she can shed some light on the situation? Just a suggestion.

  2. Daybreak says:

    You know these dogs are probably being hidden in some other part of the Island.