Govt: It Is An Offense To Harbour The Dogs

February 7, 2020

Despite “extensive searches” the two dogs – which attacked and killed other pets on February 5th in the Trinity Church Road/Abotts Cliff area — have still have not been located, officials confirmed this evening [Feb 7].

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs can confirm that the dogs still have not been located, despite extensive searches by the animal wardens.

“The public are reminded that any persons found harboring these animals could be liable for court action. Under Section 22 of the Dogs Act 2008, it is an offense to keep a dog that has caused death or injury to a person or animal.

“Further, under Section 28, it is an offense if a person refuses or fails to give information in connection with an offense committed under the Act.”

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  1. JohnnyB says:

    It should also an offence to do such a terrible job at governing this island

    • robert says:

      what has that have to do with the dogs.

    • VTrott says:

      Let’s keep focus on the current situation and not jump off the path. These are dangerous animals and must be caught to avoid any further heartache to the community in the event dogs get loose again. Perhaps your thoughts and concerns could be should be directed to the harm that may befall another pet or even a child that could be in harms way,

  2. Daniel says:

    If pit bulls are a banned breed then why did I see someone walking 3 pit bull puppies in that area weeks ago? It’s pathetic some people still consider these dogs as a status symbol.

    • Question says:

      I always think a man who needs a big dog is compensating for something….

    • What says:

      I have pit bulls and they are extremely loving and awesome companions so give me a break with the drama queen statements!! Any breed can be aggressive if you make the dog that way – even poodles can be saucy!

      So stop with the attacks on breeds when you have no clue how to nurture and raise a good dog! You demonstrate your ignorance by trying to convince others of your perception!

  3. Concerned Bermudian says:

    Is it obvious that the dogs have been secured, hidden, possibly killed. But the main issue here…. WHat is being done about these irresponsible owners. IF true those dogs have gotten loose and killed other animals at least once previously, WHAT IS BEING DONE TO PROSECUTE THE OWNERS IN THE MIST SEVERE WAY!!!!????

    • aceboy says:

      They are clearly being protected.

    • Alyssia says:

      I don’t think there is much mist in Bermuda, which is strange because everyone drives with their front fog lights on.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        OK , I see what you did there but while we’re on the subject .. When I got my license it was illegal to have working fog lights on a car. They could only be for show , but they could NOT be wired up to work. I doubt that that law was ever amended so what happened and why do 6 out of 10 bone headed car drivers have them on when they drive ?

  4. Concerned Citizen says:

    Come on Bermuda!!!!!!! This is getting ridiculous. We are on day 6 of this and still we are in limbo. Our animals have rights too and it’s about time we put a stop to the disappointing service that the animal warden has provided and has continued to provide for us. This is yet another example and i’m tired of it! Not to mention, at this point it’s unclear if the police are involved? Surely they should be by now!!!!!

  5. BaileysBay says:

    I know three people (so far) who’s pets were either killed or injured in this incident. One gave a statement today to the relevant gov’t authorities. While it sometimes takes Gov’t authorities some time to make an announcement, perhaps in this case because the damage is so widespread and egregious it would be useful for Gov’t to make some announcement sooner rather than later re any progress…the incident is certainly still a major item of interest and conversation…maybe the Authorities want to get ahead of the rumour mill so we know they are doing something about this.

    Could not agree more re irresponsible owners being the ONLY cause of this incident…if the owner won’t accept responsibility on their own then they must be forced to accept responsibility and part of that has to include a lifetime ban on keeping any animal.

  6. Why says:

    I know the one woman who left her cat and dog outside unattended with invisible fencing as if that in some way protects them from other dogs coming into their yard! It doesn’t! You need a proper fenced in yard if you are going to leave your pets out! Sorry to say but it’s like leaving a baby outside without being in a playpen – what do you think is going to happen?