Officials: Two Dogs Have Still Not Been Located

February 6, 2020

[Updated] Officials confirmed that as of 10.30am this morning [Feb 6], the two “pit-bull type dogs” — which attacked and killed other pets yesterday in the Trinity Church Road/Abotts Cliff area – have still not been found.

Yesterday officials said, “The Ministry of Home Affairs wishes to advise the public that there are currently two dogs loose in the Trinity Church Road/Abotts Cliff area.

“Dog wardens are in the area working with the owner to locate the dogs which have already attacked and killed other dogs and cats in the area today.

“The dogs – one male, one female – are described as brown/tan pit-bull type dogs.

“The public are advised to be on the lookout for these dogs and to contact the Bermuda Police Service if they are spotted. Although the dogs are not believed to be aggressive towards humans, members of the public are advised not to approach the dogs.

“If you are an animal owner living in the area, you are advised to bring your pet inside your home immediately.”

Update 2.34pm: A spokesperson said, “Animal wardens from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources can confirm the dogs have not been located.

“This follows an extensive search of the area by the wardens late into the evening yesterday and again early this morning. They will continue to search for them throughout the day today. There haven’t been any reported sightings of the dogs since 2:30pm yesterday afternoon.

“If anyone knows the whereabouts of the dogs, they are urged to contact the animal wardens at 239-2327. The Ministry of Home Affairs is advising area residents to remain vigilant.”

Update Fri, Feb 7, 11.44am
: Officials confirm that as of 11am this morning, the dogs have not been located.

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  1. Izzypop says:

    I am with the owner of one of the dogs mauled
    The dogs hv not been found as stated and the warden believes the dogs are being hiden

  2. CHRIS says:

    THere needs to be a list of irresponsible pet owners and animal abusers. Nobody on that list should be able own a pet or be resposnible for anyone else’s pets. I have said this before, the dog license should be a TEST on the OWNER to pass 100% of questions.

  3. Cow Polly says:

    Hmmmm…… lots of sightings and attacks yesterday and now they’ve disappeared without a trace.

  4. Southampton Resident says:

    It would appear that these dogs are being hidden. Wonder when they will escape to carry on their rampage.