BEU “Vehemently Denounce” Brannon Remarks

March 3, 2020

The Bermuda Entertainment Union [BEU] said they “vehemently denounce” the remarks made by local entertainer Tony Brannon, while Mr Brannon has apologized for his remarks and said that he understands he “must work on anti-racism and regain the communities trust.”

This comes after Mr Brannon referred to members of the Government as “cockroaches” on social media, remarks which were condemned by people on social media and MPs in the House of Assembly.

Bermuda Entertainment Union’s Statement

The BEU said, “The Bermuda Entertainment Union [BEU] is dedicated to upholding standards for creative professionals in the Entertainment Industry.

“The BEU is aware of the disturbing and disparaging remarks made by well-known local musician, Mr. Tony Brannon, on social media. We vehemently denounce his remarks!

“His remarks against the Government of Bermuda are abhorrent and urge him to formally and publicly apologize.

“The BEU knows the Government is working on comprehensive Immigration reform, which is a significant undertaking for our country and requires a delicate balance.

“The BEU has an obligation to take a strong public stance against all forms of racism and inflammatory statements made by a member of our Industry.

“Cognizant of the Island’s historical racist Immigration policies and legislation which have left generational damage to the people of Bermuda, the BEU supports all efforts to create a more just country.

“We urge all Bermudians, the Entertainment Community, and anyone who enjoys the privilege to live and work in our beautiful Island to be unified in support of the Government’s promise to reform Immigration in a responsible and balanced manner.”

Tony Brannon’s Statement

“I restate my apology for using the term cockroach when making a point about immigration,” Mr Brannon said.

“I did not even know that word was considered a racial slur. I appreciate I have really upset many people including the Bermuda Government.

“I am sorry for what I said, not only because it was racist but also because it was inhumane.

“I have done some research on this, and now realize that what I posted was offensive and I understand the weight of it now. I have reached out to Lynne Winfield re: doing the CURB course.

“I understand that I must work on anti-racism and regain the communities trust,” Mr Brannon said, adding that he is currently working with various charities to help benefit the broader community.

“Once again I apologize,” he added.

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