Govt: Department Of Energy’s Budget Brief

March 7, 2020

Earlier this week the Minister of Home Affairs Walter Roban delivered the Department of Energy’s Budget Brief.

A Government spokesperson said, “Some highlights include:

  • “This past year, the Department has continued with the Solar Rebate programme, striving to benefit those in smaller residences and encouraging ordinary homeowners to adopt solar photovoltaic panels to take some demand off the grid.
  • “Another initiative aimed at energy efficiency this past year is the LED exchange initiative, launched in May, 2019. The Department worked with the retailers themselves to ensure a smooth and workable solution, in which customers exchanged an old incandescent bulb for a new, efficient, 60-Watt equivalent LED.
  • “In August 2019, the Department hosted two weeks of Space Camps for Bermuda Public School students. The response from the students who attended was overwhelmingly positive, and the Department looks forward to hosting Space Camp once again.
  • “Continuing the Space Camp initiative will ensure that Bermudian students will learn the critical role of Bermuda in the space industry, and learn to solve real-world problems using methodology and technology developed for space.
  • “In January of this year, the Department hosted the Space Sustainability Workshop, in partnership with the Secure World Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to working with governments among others to develop and promote the secure, sustainable and peaceful uses of outer space.”

The full Department of Energy’s Budget Brief follows below [PDF here]

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