Governor John Rankin Visits Coast Guard

May 15, 2020

This morning Governor John Rankin visited the Bermuda Coast Guard at Watford House as the unit marks its 50th day of embodiment operations.

A post on social media stated, “The Bermuda Coast Guard is staffed by 19 personnel, drawn from the Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment, and is currently operating 24/7 to enforce emergency regulations on the water, to ensure mariners are in compliance with Bermuda’s existing maritime laws, and to respond to search & rescue incidents up to 12 nautical miles from shore.”

The Governor said, “I am hugely impressed by the work being carried out by the Bermuda Coast Guard at this challenging time. In my visit to Watford House I was able to discuss first-hand the work of the unit in ensuring safety at sea and making sure that the current regulations on recreational boating are properly enforced.

“Watford House is a first class facility from which the Coast Guard is able to operate effectively. I thank the men and women of the Coast Guard for their commitment and dedication to their duty. As we approach boating season I urge everyone to stay safe on the water.”

Coast Guard Bermuda May 15 2020

Inspector David Greenidge [BPS], Office-in-Charge of the Bermuda Coast Guard, said “The launch of the Bermuda Coast Guard is a significant milestone in Bermuda’s maritime history.

“The unit has proven its worth and its dedication to the mission before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic, and I am pleased to assist in facilitating a continued partnership between the Bermuda Police Service and the Royal Bermuda Regiment as we operate together to ensure the safety and security of Bermuda and those on our waters.”

WO2 Jeffrey Patterson [RBR], Second-in-Charge of the unit, said “I am immensely proud of the men and women of the Bermuda Coast Guard. Their professionalism has been second to none and their levels of commitment and enthusiasm are as high today as they were on Day One of the operation.

“As we move into the main boating season it is important that we all recognise that COVID-19 does not discriminate between those on land and those on the water. Throughout the pandemic, and after Bermuda has arrived at its new normal, the Bermuda Coast Guard will continue to operate in partnership with other government departments and non-governmental organisations to ensure the security of Bermuda’s waters and the safety of the boating public.”

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  1. Paul Revere says:

    I thought the Coast Guard was supposed to be run by the Royal Bermuda Regiment.
    How come we couldn’t put a Bermudian in charge?
    I would ha e thought that the person in charge would need to at least have a boating license
    Guess plenty of fish frys coming up

  2. Smh says:

    Pure “wannabe cops”… wasted tax payer money.