Minister: 61.7% Reduction In Air Capacity In 2020

June 26, 2020

“On average, as a result of the pandemic, Bermuda will experience a 61.7% reduction in air capacity in 2020, when compared with 2019,” Minister Zane DeSilva said.

Speaking at last night’s [June 25] press briefing, Minister of Tourism and Transport Zane DeSilva said, “When regularly scheduled commercial flights resume in July, we anticipate Air Canada, Delta Air Lines, and British Airways to service the island.

“These schedules are always subject to change but, at present, the flights are as follows:

  • From Thursday, 2 July, Air Canada will fly weekly from Toronto,
  • Starting Monday, 6 July, Delta will fly daily from Atlanta, and,
  • Beginning Friday, 17 July, British Airways will fly twice a week, on Mondays and Fridays.

“Delta’s flights from New York and Boston are on hold. JetBlue anticipates providing service from those two cities starting in August, while American Airlines will fly from New York.

“The other air service that we believe will start in August is WestJet, also from Toronto.

“Flights from Philadelphia and Miami on American will not begin before December. What we refer to as ‘seasonal’ flights from Newark, Washington DC and Charlotte are cancelled for 2020.

“Where does this leave us? The percentage change in our air capacity, i.e. available seats, year over year is as follows:

  • When we restricted entry only to Bermuda residents in March, that led to a 45.6% reduction in air capacity,
  • In April, May and June, we experienced a 100% reduction in air capacity as no commercial flights landed, and,
  • For July through to December we anticipate a reduction in seats available of between 91.9% [in July] and 26% [in December].

“On average, as a result of the pandemic, Bermuda will experience a 61.7% reduction in air capacity in 2020, when compared with 2019.

“What does that look like in numbers?

“In 2019 our air capacity amounted to 579,720 seats and the 2020 projection was 543,325 seats. Now, we project a total for 2020 of 221,940 available seats. That is 357,780 fewer seats for travelers than last year.

“I must emphasise these schedules change regularly – weekly, even! So, we will continue to monitor seat availability as and when schedules adjust.

“Working with the Bermuda Tourism Authority, Bermuda Airport Authority and Skyport, the Ministry of Tourism and Transport will seek to increase air capacity and encourage visitation as it is prudent to do so. Our economy depends on it.

“As I stated at the beginning, the Bermuda Government has placed great emphasis on community safety and creating an island space where visitors will be able to relax.”

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  1. Marcusbmco says:

    Well I guess “Skyport” and it’s “Canadian developers” will be losing an awful lot of $$$ this year! Maybe should read contract & find out how much it’s gonna cost taxpayers.
    Something fishy about this Delta Atlanta thing. Have long time friends American Airlines and Jetblue let us down? Or some shady deal?
    …Jus sayin….