Photo Set I: Black Lives Matter March

June 7, 2020

[Updated with more photos] Thousands of people made their way to Hamilton today [June 7] to take part in the Black Lives Matter march, with many people carrying signs with terms including ‘Black Lives Matter”, “I can’t breathe,” and “Racism is a pandemic” as they made their way through the streets of Hamilton. We will have additional photos and video later on and in the meantime you can view the live updates and the two-hour live replay here.


Update: The Police Commissioner has estimated today’s crowd to be approximatelt 7,000 people

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  1. Just saying says:

    I 100% support this protest but What happen to no social gatherings over 10 people?? Just saying. Government needs to make up their mind. It’s such a double standard when I suppose tommorow you go back to fining people for gathering in big groups. Just saying

    • Island says:

      They temporally allowed it if you read up you would would have that information.

  2. Just saying says:

    Hypocrites!! Suddenly the virus doesn’t matter?? Back to closing down restaurants and fining people tommorow for not adhering to what they just allowed

  3. Just saying says:

    All this fuss about protecting us from super spreading events and our government just sanctioned one! After today I will do whatever I want and let some @ss say something to me! Hypocrites!! People can’t see that it’s a direct contradiction of the health policies we’ve been FORCED to adhere to. SMDH…..

    • Troy says:

      People like you are the reason why this march took place today.See the bigger picture, oh sorry you cant.

      • Smfh says:

        Ya sayin anything.

      • Rod L says:

        One Super Spreader (doesn’t matter if they are white, black, yellow, red, purple, green), ten or fifteen get the virus as a result of this person’s heartfelt participation in said march, and all the sacrifice of the past eight weeks turns to toast… KEMH gets overwhelmed. In turn, we lose tens or even a couple hundred of people rather than the nine to date.

        It’s a travesty that the Commissioner of Police seems more interested in demonstrating his empathetic credentials than upholding public health. It seems to me he has no intention of making the hard choices when confronted with them. If the Covid 19 situation was not as grave as it is, the joke would be on you Commissioner. But this is not a joke and you should resign for permitting this scandalous public endangerment.

  4. puzzled says:

    Revisit your comments ‘just’ for the sake of it.

    These people wore masks and were not carrying each other.

    They care that’s why they were there.
    Their choice and loved the ‘minority’ participation.

    Take care.

    • Just saying says:

      I reviewed my comments and I clearly did not marginalize the efforts of the cause. I opened my comments by saying I 100% beleive in what they’re doing, I support the March even with thousands of people but to your point you have missed my argument. Just because they’re wearing mask and not carrying each other doesn’t mean that gathering is legal just because it supports a good cause. I didn’t know that you had to be carrying each other to catch a virus especially since I’m not carrying anybody when I go to the grocery store, gas station workplace or anywhere else for that matter. It makes no sense when tommorow the government will be making criminals out of us for not adhering to their health policies after making an acception just for this reason.
      Please don’t miss what I am saying. Peace.

  5. Ms Green says:

    Are we going back in now for a couple weeks?

  6. Let’s not lose focus to what today really meant and why it’s Important for us to support Today’s “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. That within it’self is very lengthy, and only researching history can give a true appreciation why today’s protest is so important.

    Let me also point out something very important and should not be overlooked, what will tomorrows headline be, I hope and pray that the headlines is factual and not bias, like it has been on many occasions, and it should read”HISTORICAL TURN OUT FOR BLACK LIVES MATTERS”.

    So with this much attention, we as the Black Community must find ways to not only let our voices be heard, but to make our voices count long after the Thousands of Protesters have dispersed, so I will say to Boycott the stores one a week, I’m not in agreement with that, because in order to be fair, if we took that approach one a week for an entire week, we will be still at the same place next year this time, and to Boycott Supermart from this Sunday to next Sunday, doesn’t stop people from shopping at The Market Place or Lindo’s.

    So where does that Justify what we are trying to accomplish, I think we are better served by hitting “WHITE SUPREMACY” Where it hurts the most in the pocket, but do it with common sense, “CUP MATCH IS COMING”, I say no one buy anything from any white establishment from Sunday July 26th to Sunday August 2nd, “WHY” “BECAUSE CUP MATCH IS THE BIGGEST HOLIDAY OF THE YEAR”.That will send a clear message.

    This is just a suggestion to a starting point, but many Bermudians like to drink and who are your suppliers of your alcohol, we all have to eat and who are your suppliers of your food wholesalers, so even if we support our own Black owned stores, they still have to purchase from their white suppliers.

    I think you get my point, we either Boycott right across the Board until this Government put’s forward on “THE ORDER PAPER” the subject matters that will address our plights, and push until legislation comes to pass, and then we can say we have reached a mile stone, I thought today was a Prime time to take and have a minute of silence for our Trailblazers of the past, who have fought through tougher times then these, and whose shoulders we now stand upon.

    They got an Honorable mention, and stopping front of The Dame Lois Browne Evans Court Building and Speaking from The Mother Church of Black Bermuda, St. Paul’s A.M.E Church is Commendable. There are many thing’s that this young group of organizers could have done stronger, “BUT” Thank God they did what they Did and they are to be Commanded for a successful well organized and peaceful protest.

    I wish them all the best and pray that “BLACK BERMUDA & WHITE BERMUDA” will come to their aide and assist them going forward in their efforts, and some of us older do nothing’s get off your “DUSTY RUSTY’S” and help educate these young people, Because they are only as good as we made them.

    Lastly if this P.L.P Government mandates real “BERMUDA BLACK HISTORY” in our schools, we will be better informed of our past, and have a greater appreciation of our present and know exactly how to Champion our cause for our futures. “BERNEWS” We say Thank You for The Best Coverage and we understand why their was “NO DRONES”, and really do appreciate you not only giving coverage, but posting the entire day’s events.

    To Ms. Brangman and her Black Lives Matter Team we Salute You, and pay deep respect for what Bermuda has witness Today.

  7. Bda says:

    All this stuff about social distancing and we cant have more then 10 people in a gathering no 24 of may no carnival. But this protest of thousands of people is ok. Im confused. Im glad this protest is happening but the government needs to make things make sence really. Now tomorrow comes and youl get fined for having more then 10 people in a gathering really. But today is ok. Smh

  8. Just saying says:

    My comments are directed at the policies not the people

  9. Watching you says:

    I’m sure you are one of the hateful people in Bermuda

  10. Jevon Ray says:

    The Government knew that they couldn’t control this peaceful, emotional demonstration. This was a peaceful demonstration that didn’t need no added fuel to cause it to go from that to another level. It was going to happen, but at least it was peaceful. It could have gotten ugly.

  11. Hey says:

    Glad Corona is over. Big Party this weekend.