New Ministers: Renee Ming And Neville Tyrrell

July 16, 2020

[Updated with videos] Renee Ming and Neville Tyrrell were announced as new Cabinet Ministers at a ceremony this afternoon [July 16] at Government House.

Renee Ming and Neville Tyrrell July 16 2020

Minister Ming is the new National Security Minister, Minister Tyrrell is the new Transport Minister and the tourism portfolio will be moved to Premier David Burt. We will have additional coverage later on and in the meantime the live video replay is below.

The changes follow after Wayne Caines and Zane DeSilva both resigned from the Cabinet after videos circulated showing them at a party at Blu not adhering to the Covid-19 regulations.

Update | Minister of National Security Renee Ming

Update | Minister of Transport Neville Tyrrell

Update 3.50pm: WRC Executive Director Elaine Butterfield said, “The Women’s Resource Centre is ecstatic with the appointment of Ms. Renee Ming as our new and first female Minister of National Security.

“Besides being a very capable woman with the skills, integrity and experience to get the job done well, we are excited to see another woman being appointed to the Cabinet.

“Her appointment will bring a very balanced perspective in decision making around issues such as spousal rights, children of Bermudians rights to stay in Bermuda and other outdated forms of inequity toward women that still exists in our laws. This appointment is resounding considering the challenge it must have been to the Premier to make two such important appointments.”

Update 7.45pm: Speaking at the swearing in earlier today, Premier David Burt said, “Your Excellency, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen; good afternoon.

“Just three years ago Bermudians were preparing to go to the polls to cast their votes for the future of their choice. No plan for that future included the drastic change that Covid19 has brought to every aspect of our lives. The change has been wholesale; we work and worship differently; we shop and socialize differently; and we interact with each other mindful of appropriate physical distancing. But this pandemic has tested our resilience as a community and our ability to manage change. The Government is no different.

“The circumstances that have made today necessary caused me great disappointment and the former Ministers whose portfolios are today assigned to others of their colleagues continue to have my gratitude for their hard work while in office – and I welcome their continued support for the government from the backbench.

“But today, like every day in 2020, is about change and I am pleased to invite the Governor to appoint two new Ministers to the Cabinet.

“MP Neville Tyrrell will be the Minister of Transport, assuming responsibility for all aspects of public transport and the airport. He brings to bear a career of private sector experience and periods of temporary service in Cabinet that will give him a head start on the critical infrastructure and operational issues that exist within the ministry. He has been a long a faithful servant of the people of Bermuda and of the Bermuda Progressive Labour Party. I am grateful that he has accepted this invitation to serve and I am looking forward to the benefit of his wisdom and counsel in this new role.

“MP Renee Ming will be the Minister of National Security, assuming responsibility for the uniformed services as delegated under our Constitution, including key areas of border control, the disaster Risk Reduction and Mitigation Team, and gang violence reduction strategy. With the exception of her support of a certain Cup Match team, MP Ming has brought a studied and critical eye to service on the backbench that has demonstrated a work ethic to be envied.

“Her work as a part of the immigration reform group brought a dimension to that difficult task that has set us on the correct path to immigration reform. I am thankful that she has agreed to take on this challenging role that is pivotal to the strength of our community. MP Renee Ming will be a strong voice to ensure that we have a enforcement in this country that is fair and balanced and takes into account the historic biases that have existing over the generations to the detriment of black people. Some may question her fit for this role, but knowing her and her character and her commitment to community healing – I am confident she will excel in this role.

“Finally, responsibility for tourism will be moved under the Office of Premier and will be added to my existing responsibility for economic development. The need for the growth of tourism is more complex than ever and demands a renewed focus on the economic potential it represents for Bermuda. The new paradigm for tourism is more than the traditional leisure getaway that has represented our mainstay for decades. In a crowded marketplace where our competitors are not confined to any one region or defined by any single product offering, we must drive a demand for Bermuda that leverages more than our pink sand and blue water.

“In the coming days I will share more of a vision for a renewal in tourism that will defy the traditional and will give us a fighting chance to return Bermudians to work in all areas that depend on the tourism industry to make ends meet. Bermuda must become relevant again – and I welcome the challenge and know I will be ably supported by the team at Bermuda Tourism Authority, the Junior Minister for Tourism Senator Crystal Ceasar, and the Cabinet Office team.

“Before the Governor swears in the new Ministers, and they give their comment – I just wanted to share with the people of Bermuda that I continue to be grateful for the kind words of support, thoughts and prayers of so many people across the Island. As we embark on new challenges in these new and uncertain times I remain hopeful for this country. We have demonstrated that we can come together in times of crisis – and I know we will continue to remain united as we work together to rebuild our future.“

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  1. Toejam Express says:

    The best way to determine if one is fit for battle is to send one into battle. You may stumble but the key is to keep getting up and keep moving. Day one of the battle has begun. Best of luck to both Ministers!

    • B4Premier says:

      Seriously?! I’d rather the person “battling” for me has a proven level of experience AND competence rather than stumbling around.
      Peter, meet Principle. Look that up.

      • Onion Juice says:

        And de Opposition Leader?

        • B4Premier says:

          Throwing his name into the mix is a nice try at distraction. The fact remains – Peter Principle.
          Now I’m LMAO.

      • hmmm says:


      • Toejam Express says:

        Proven track record? The best way to earn a proven track record is by doing. Even you had to learn to do your current job by doing.

        Zane’s career has been in construction but he had to learn the ropes of being a Tourism Minister….did he not? By doing, he became a very effective tourism minister but was unable stop himself from acting on impulse at Blu….severely damaging the covid19 message and laws his own government had been promoting.

        Caines career has been in mostly the law and the military…a seemingly nice dove tail fit for dealing with the police and the regiment…but none of these experiences (his proven track record) helped him from acting on impulse. His track record has been one where he achieves great things but later, acting on impulse, does things that obliterate ‘feel good factor’ of his achievements…hes constantly walking around in self destruct mode. The police and army supposedly instill in their members discipline. Mr. Caines constant gaffes clearly demonstrate he lacks personal discipline….most recently at Blu…here, too, severely damaging the covid19 message and laws his own government had been promoting.

        Here is a shining example of what learning on the job can achieve: Kim Wilson is an accomplished attorney. She is not a doctor. Still, after learning on the job, she is doing a brilliant job as health minister…successfully navigating this country through a once in a 100 years pandemic!

        Both new ministers have the will or drive to take on their new posts. Give these new ministers a chance to prove themselves…and hopefully they will not act on impulse like those they replaced.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well it will soon to see the plp have gone pretty far down the rank and given 2 more mp’s minister pension pay for life …they must be up to 18 of their politicians on top pension pay for life. Sure hope Renee Ming actually contributes one only has to look at what Renee and Kim have done for St. Georges since who knows when. Just remember St.Georges is where it is because of the plp and their direct attack of the corporation and removed Police and Fire protection , cruise ships and closed a fully operational golf course Burch must think we who live in stgeorges have short memories.

  3. Unsure says:

    “Her work as a part of the immigration reform group brought a dimension to that difficult task that has set us on the correct path to immigration reform.“

    Can anyone shed any light on her contributions, or the “correct path” we are taking? Last I heard there is no immigration reform on the table.