Family Centre Virtual Cup Match Tag Day

July 16, 2020

Family Centre will be hosting a virtual version of their Cup Match Tag Day, with people able to purchase their Cup Match ribbons online via the Sargasso Sea delivery service.

A spokesperson said, “Family Centre, Clarien Bank and Sargasso Sea delivery service have teamed up to keep the Cup Match Holiday Spirit going in the community. Cup Match is a significant historical Bermuda holiday, and Family Centre Cup Match Tag Day ribbons have been a part of this holiday tradition for over 18 years.

“Despite the impact of COVID 19 on many of the traditions of Cup Match, Clarien Bank, Title Sponsor of Family Centre Cup Match Tag Day and Sargasso Sea are committed to providing a safe and easy way for the community to display their Cup Match competitive spirit and still support their favourite Cup Match team.

Family Centre Cup Match Tag Day Bermuda July 2020

Dr. Sandy De Silva, Executive Director of Family Centre explains, “We are determined that COVID 19 will not ‘win the day’ during our Cup Match holiday. Family Centre Tag Day has been a huge part of the holiday competitive spirit and this year we are putting into practice what we encourage families to become, which is resilient.

“We are proud of our continuing longstanding partnership with Clarien Bank and our new partnership with Sargasso Sea. Thanks to Sargasso Sea we will have a COVID 19 safe and responsible way for Family Centre and the community to uphold an important aspect of our Cup Match culture and proudly display our team colours.”

Michael DeCouto, Chief Digital and Marketing Officer at Clarien Bank stated, “Clarien is pleased to be the title sponsor of the Family Centre Cup Match Tag Day for the past 18 years. This year, despite the challenges of the pandemic we were excited that Sargasso Sea has teamed up with Family Centre to help ensure we keep the Spirit of Cup Match going this year.

“Clarien Bank fully supports the critical work Family Centre does to strengthen our children and families in Bermuda. We ask you to join us, especially this year, to support your Cup Match team through the purchase of your team ribbons and help ensure Family Centre is successful in their Tag Day to raise vital funds for their therapeutic programmes and services.

Screenshot from the Sargasso Sea website showing some of the ribbon options:


“In keeping with the competitive edge of Cup Match there will be a People’s Choice Award for the most popular team through the purchase of ribbons and any donations made online on behalf of the team of your choice using the or at On behalf of Clarien Bank Management and staff have a fun, safe and responsible Cup Match Holiday. May the most popular team win the Cup Match People’s Choice Award.”

Sargasso Sea owner, Colin Rego states, “Sargasso has been delivering critical supplies and food items to the community throughout the pandemic. We know how Bermuda feels about our holidays and especially a historically significant one such as Cup Match.

“It was a natural fit between Family Centre and the services we provide within the community for us to find a way to safely honour a major tradition of Cup Match, which is the Cup Match Ribbons. It was important to us at Sargasso to support Family Centre in their annual Cup Match Tag Day Ribbon Campaign as we know how critical the funds raised during this time are to sustaining therapeutic programmes for children and families.”

Screenshot from the Family Centre website showing the People’s Choice Award chart:

family center cup match tag day screenshot final

A spokesperson added. “You can order your Cup Match ribbons through the Sargasso Sea App or when ordering your groceries, favourite meal, or supplies with participating Sargasso Sea vendors. There is also an option if you wish to donate only to Family Centre without the purchase of ribbons.”

“All proceeds will go to ensuring that children and families receive the therapeutic care they need at Family Centre free of charge. Your purchase or donation will also go towards determining the Cup Match People’s Choice Award for the most popular team. You can visit or for more contest details.”

“Family Centre is committed to ensuring families are not deterred to seek therapeutic assistance because of economic hardship. Dr. Sandy De Silva states.

“Your support guarantees our services are available and families can access them. Now more than ever we need Bermuda’s support to keep critical therapeutic services and programmes available. We have to continue to strengthen our children and families to build a resilient Bermuda.”

To support Family Centre and place your ribbon orders visit or for more information on Family Centre Tag Day visit

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