Quarantine Monitoring Bracelet If Test Positive

July 5, 2020

If a visitor to the island tests positive for Covid-19 they will be fitted with a quarantine bracelet and required to isolate in their room, and if they attempt to leave their room the monitoring device will alert the authorities.

This is one of the safety measures the Government has put in place as the island’s airport re-opens to commercial flights after a three month long suspension due to the pandemic.

Premier David Burt holding one of the bracelets:

Active Quarantine User Ally AQUA Bermuda July 2020 (1)

While cargo, charter and private planes have been arriving, the airport was closed to regularly scheduled commercial airlines since March of this year. It has now re-opened, with the first commercial flight arriving on July 2nd from Toronto.

The flight schedule for the remainder of this month includes daily Delta flights effective July 6, once a week Air Canada flights on Thursdays, and twice a week flights from British Airways effective July 17.

Premier David Burt previously said that all visitors “will be required to be tested when they arrive, on day 3, day 7 and day 14 of their stay. The number of tests required obviously depends on the length of stay.”

“If at any time their test result is positive they will be fitted with a quarantine bracelet and will be required to isolate in their room. The bracelets will alert the authorities if the person attempts to leave their room,” the Premier said.

The Premier reiterated this in the most recent press conference, saying: “At any point, any visitor who tests positive will be fitted with a quarantine monitoring bracelet and will be required to isolate in their room.

“If they attempt to leave their room, the monitoring device will alert the authorities who will take the necessary steps to protect our community.”

Premier Burt explains about the bracelet at a recent press conference

The Active Quarantine User Ally [AQUA] website says, “The service enables users to manage aspects of control over the data generated around their quarantine status. AQUA privately and securely transmits data to relevant authorities when needed.

“AQUA includes a four-part system developed with LSCM for the Hong Kong and Bermuda governments that includes a wrist based display unit, a special data protocol, smart phone applications and an issuer management console.

“The system is designed for deployment around short-term travel quarantines for international travelers, where it can be issued or managed at the individual level by granting a regulatory authority access to status reports. It can also be used for necessary quarantines of COVID-19 patients linked to confined geolocations.”

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    Seeing Mr Burt with a PLP mask would indicate this is a PLP matter, not a Government matter. So Government is not mandating this but the PLP. Is that lawful and enforceable? Where is the legislation? Is the bracelet also green?

    • Think says:

      Shut up already. What does the color of his mask have to do with it? Go take several seats!!!

      • wahoo says:

        It is tacky at best.

        • Really says:

          And his red and blue Somserset tie is an insult to some. Does he need to wear orange for ALL BERMUDIANS. Note:Before you say anything, I am not a PLP supporter.

          • nonsense says:

            you REALLY are a fool, that is all. Comparing a Somerset tie and a PLP mask is a completely false equivalence, one has nothing to do with politics the other has everything to do with politics and suggests he represents the PLP electorate and not BERMUDIANS. PLP and the Government are not the same (although the government seem clueless regarding fact). The government represents ALL Bermudians not just those who elected them. but this govt. behaves like a child, his lil mask is just nasty populist politricking…I smell an election…and lots of BS

          • wahoo says:

            The thing is the PLP have been turning these GOVERNMENT press conferences into plp pep rallies. If you don’t see the problem with his wearing a plp promotional gimmick then I guess there is no point in trying to convince you otherwise. Note that I am not a PLP supporter either.

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Party before country always. Party before country

        • Double S says:

          Always has been and always will be with the PLP. Hence why the Country suffers but the insiders get lucrative contracts. See interesting Morgan’s Point article today and who was appointed by Govt to oversee the development.

          The more things change…

  2. AAron says:

    I like the premier very much, however the PLP face mask is an insult to many Bermudians. When you are running for office as a PLP member is different than being the Premier of ALL BERMUDIANS. Whether the OBA like it not, Premier Burt is their leader. This banner is saying, I’m serving those who voted for me and my party.

  3. As the world says:

    Probably green bracelet, Lol- gracious – he could have worn “black lives matter” or “St. Georges Cup” what do you suggest he wear to your liking, UBP? The bracelet looks Black to me.

  4. Ummmm says:

    In theory they could leave the bracelet in the room!!! Not sure how effective this will be

  5. Cathy says:

    @ringmaster – you must be so bored…

  6. Election? says:

    Premier Burt, you are the Premier of Bermuda, not the PLP. Please save the PLP mask for PLP functions and when you are on the campaign trail. As the Premier of Bermuda please wear a Bermuda mask and be the Premier for all of the people, not just the PLP supporters.

  7. Ringmasterr says:

    The Covid 19 updates and announcements are supposed to be made on behalf of the Government of Bermuda, not the PLP. It’s not supposed to be a party political which it has become. Clearly many are so brain washed they don’t understand the difference.

  8. One Bermuda says:

    When you elect someone who acts like a child, this I’m afraid is what you get.

  9. MPs should wear them says:

    Well judging by now Zane and Caine’s acted at fundraiser all MPs should be made to wear one and be isolated from Bermuda! Hypocrisy at its best to tell us to act responsibly and then flout the rules! Where was the Police? Why s the restaurant given a pass? Shut it all down and appear in front of a magistrate like us normal folks!

  10. Gina Ingham says:

    Perhaps an election is looming?????

  11. bluenose says:

    Is he only concerned with those who vote PLP?

  12. Jus' Wonderin' says:

    Who’s bringing them in and selling them to government. Would be interesting to know….

  13. AAron says:

    Hey Premier Burt, make sure you have enough of those bracelets for Zane DaSilva and all the folks at that party. Also, since the Island is broke make sure you fine them $15,000 dollars each and give to the people who have lost their jobs due to the covid! Must be nice be a politician, when you got job security and many others don’t. Sick to my stomach!