TestGuard Offering Antigen Test Registration

January 4, 2022

Developed by local technologist Edmond Johnson, TestGuard – an antigen test registration system - includes a both an easy-to use web and mobile application, with the company recently winning a Leadership Innovation Award for the project.

A spokesperson said, “To minimize the spread of Covid-19, we have completely rethought our daily routines. We work from home. We learn remotely. We socialize outdoors. We second guess many of the places we go. As the global community searches for effective methods for addressing Covid-19, the important role of testing is becoming more apparent.

“Keeping workplaces open and helping us return to school, sport and life within the new normal is a local company called, TestGuard. TestGuard is an antigen test registration system that gives Bermudians the confidence to return to everyday life. TestGuard provides a comprehensive digital platform for supporting Self-Administered Covid-19 testing.

“It includes a both an easy-to use web and mobile application to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions with greater confidence.

Edmond Johnson TestGuard  Bermuda Dec 10 2021

“Developed by local technologist Edmond Johnson, TestGuard is helping the community turn the page on long wait times for test results and adopt new simple testing protocols that meet their needs now and move us all forward.

“The company offers regular, rapid Covid-19 self-testing regulation that is simple to do, easy to afford and quick with results. After submitting the required information, including a semi-proctored self-administered antigen test, TestGuard allows you to obtain a digitally encrypted Guardian Report within three minutes if your Covid-19 test results are negative. The Guardian Report can be shown at facilities or events that accept antigen testing for entry and is valid for three days.

“TestGuard’s design is optimized for use in a variety of settings including urgent care clinics, physician offices, schools, restaurants, workplaces and travel. Testing, when used in combination with protective measures including mask wearing, hand washing, and social distancing, is key to recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.”

TestGuard founder Edmond Johnson said, “As a local business owner, I was looking to create a solution to keep my organization open and protect our patrons at the same time. The pandemic isn’t going anywhere, but with all of the data we have now, technologies such as TestGuard can provide us with information we can use to actively detect the virus and decrease the likelihood of spread.”

The spokesperson said, “Businesses and schools who partner with TestGuard receive detailed statistical data which aides with reporting to government agencies.

“TestGuard is the way forward in getting Bermudians back out and about within our community. Organizations or individuals looking to use TestGuard can visit www.testguard.bm or call 777-5353. Let’s stay open and stay together.”

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website BermudaCovid.com, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Joe Public says:

    You can’t use this negative self-administered lateral flow antigen test result for inbound and outbound travel first of all. I hope folks understand that.

    • Reginald simons says:

      Hi first of all Congrats to a Black Bermudian from Pond Hill Backatown for doing his part. Also the irony is that this system accepted in most countries besides Bermuda even though it was created in Bermuda.
      I checked his site and this is stated for the travel option :

      TestGuard-Skyflow is perfect for anyone traveling to a country that accepts negative self-administered lateral flow antigen test results for inbound and outbound flights or travel. Only a select number of countries are accepting lateral flow antigen tests for pre-departure clearance.

      For example, antigen tests are not suitable for traveling to France.

      This option is currently not available for inbound and outbound travelers for : Bermuda , France , USA

      Your tone in first of all saddens me

  2. ingatbola88 says:

    Apppreciate this post. Let me try it out.