Barnes Wins SKUSA Nationals G1 Pro Class

August 17, 2020

Scott Barnes recently concluded competing in round six of the SKUSA Pro Tour Summer Nationals in the G1 Pro Class, finishing on top of his class.

In the qualifying round, Barnes clocked the fastest lap time of 1:02.668, with Joe Ruch in second after clocking a time of 1:03.157.

In the pre-final race, Barnes finished first with an 11 lap time of 11:36.448, while Anthony Stiffler finished second with a time of 11:48.697.

Barnes finished second in the final with an 18 lap time of 19:03.980, with Joe Ruch clocking a winning time of 18:59.604.

Barnes was declared the overall G1 Pro-Class SKUSA Pro Tour Summer Nationals Champion following the two weekends of racing.

He said, “Leaving the SKUSA Pro Tour feeling great; running the Pro Tour has always been on my list of races to do.

“Our goal going into it was to be able to run top two and compete for a national #1 plate. Disappointed in our class numbers, but we did what we set out to do: run top two all weekend and become a SKUSA Champion.

“Joe Ruch had the home track advantage, but we were able to stand toe to toe with him and have some awesome tight races.

“We left this weekend with the fastest lap time, two finals wins and a finals second, and the overall 125 G1 Shifters Championship.

“Hard coming from a small island, but we are bringing the SKUSA National #1 Plate back to Bermuda.”

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