22,847 Customers Without Power As Of 7.00am

September 14, 2020

As of 7:00am today [Sept 14] a total of 22,847 customers are without power due to Hurricane Paulette, BELCO has confirmed.

A spokesperson said, “Hurricane Paulette continues to affect Bermuda with strong winds, rain and dangerous conditions.

“BELCO is aware of a number of outages across the island and crews will not begin work to repair outages until conditions are safe to do so. Members of the public should not call 955 unless there is an emergency which includes a pole fire or downed power line.

“As of 7:00 am a total of 22,847 customers are without power.

“Once it is safe for BELCO crews to leave their places of shelter, they will assess the damage caused by the storm.

“It is very important for the public to stay off the roads to allow all essential services including BELCO crews unimpeded access to respond to any emergencies and address power outages.

Breakdown by parish:

belco 8am sept 14

“BELCO has engaged the Company’s crisis management team who are meeting regularly and will continue to meet and coordinate restoration efforts until all power is restored.

“As a reminder, downed power lines pose an extreme danger. If power lines are down residents are strongly advised to adhere to the following safety precautions:

  • Stay away from downed power lines – at least 33 feet or more [that’s approximately three car lengths].
  • Always assume downed power lines are energised and dangerous.
  • Stay clear of piles of debris or downed foliage that may conceal live power lines.
  • Do not run from a fallen line. Running from a fallen line may cause your legs to bridge current from higher to lower voltage and you may receive a shock. Instead, keep your legs together and shuffle away with both feet on the ground. Shuffle a safe distance [33 feet or more] away from other utility poles.

“Residents are encouraged to visit the BELCO website at www.belco.bm or follow us on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date information. The BELCO Storm Smart Guide can also be downloaded from the BELCO website with all information required to stay safe during the storm season.”

You can view our live updates on Paulette here, and all our coverage of Paulette here.

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  1. Our Prayers for safety for all of the first responder’s and all crews,Police, Belco, Ambulance, Fire Service,Department of Parks, Bermuda Regiment and all that will be out over the next 24 hours and day’s to come to restore Bermuda.

  2. Ihd says:

    Work on Warwick first.