Bermuda’s Shipwrecks Featured Internationally

September 18, 2020

Several Bermuda shipwreck related documentaries have been featured on well-known international media channels and programmes.

A Government spokesperson said, “Several shipwreck related documentaries produced by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, in conjunction with Dr. Philippe Rouja and his team, have been featured on well-known international media channels and programmes.

“Dr. Rouja – who is the Principal Scientist for Marine Heritage and Ocean Human Health as well as Bermuda’s Custodian of Historic Wrecks – is delighted with the positive media exposure.

“I have been getting many people randomly spotting these shows, locally and around the world, on National Geographic, the History Channel and the Science Channel, saying they really enjoyed them and that they featured Bermuda so well. These documentaries are really popular and the themes of shipwrecks and Bermuda Triangle continue to appeal to a huge global audience. It is one of the only mediums that has been featuring Bermuda in all its oceanic beauty during the lockdown period.”

“Recent international media programmes featuring Bermuda shipwrecks include:

  • In Search Of – with Zachary Quinto – Season 2, Episode 4, The Bermuda Triangle. Science Channel.
  • Forbidden History – Season 4, Episode 9, Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. History Channel.
  • Drain the Oceans – Season 3, Episode 8, Raiders of the Civil War. National Geographic.

“In addition, a three-part blog series on the shared University of California San Diego and Bermuda Government shipwreck website documents the resumption of recreational scuba diving in Bermuda while highlighting the attraction Bermuda shipwrecks continue to have globally and can be found online here.

“For more information on Bermuda’s shipwrecks, please visit the Bermuda 100 Challenge website.”

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