Bermuda Joins International Equal Pay Day

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Bermuda is joining the rest of the world in celebrating the first International Equal Pay Day.

A Government spokesperson said, “Bermuda is pleased to join the rest of the world in celebrating the first International Equal Pay Day, where we strive for change in the workplace by highlighting unjust practices and take the necessary steps to ensure equal pay for equal work.

“On November 15, 2019, the United Nations [UN] General Assembly adopted a resolution introduced by the Equal Pay International Coalition [EPIC] and declared 18 September as International Equal Pay Day. EPIC’s Vision is “An equal and inclusive world of work, in which women and men receive equal pay for work of equal value across all counties and sectors”.

“The day calls on UN member states as well as international organizations, worker’s and employer’s organisations, civil societies, including non-governmental organizations [NGOs] and the private sector, to celebrate Equal Pay Day.

“In recognition of the first International Equal Pay Day, the Ministry of Labour will be participating in a virtual event organized by EPIC to exchange ideas and evidence on how to accelerate change towards equal pay for work of equal value.

“In the workplace, race and gender pay disparity has been in existence for far too long, and it is time to spark the change that will benefit all demographics of the workforce. To properly address the multiple causes of race and gender pay disparity, we must adopt a strong and multi-faceted approach involving all community stakeholders.

“It is the responsibility of employers, unions, and the government to achieve that which is long overdue in our community – equal pay.

“In a recent employment survey conducted in Bermuda by the Department of Statistics, the Median Gross Annual Income based on a workweek of 35 hours or more shows a notable pay disparity between sexes, races, Bermudians, Non-Bermudians, and PRC holders, within major occupational groups such as the armed forces, senior officials, managers, technicians, and associate professionals.”

Minister Hayward stated, “Although EPIC and the International Equal Pay Day highlights equal pay for work of equal value between men and women, I recognize the need to adequately address the pay disparity that exists in Bermuda across races, status, and sex.”

“A comprehensive review of workplace remuneration in Bermuda is long overdue and a tough yet versatile approach involving all of the necessary stakeholders will be required to effectively address the root causes of pay disparity and the gender pay gap within Bermuda.”

“The EPIC Secretariat is comprised of the International Labour Organization, UN Women, and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development [OECD]. Its Steering Committee members include Canada, Egypt, Iceland, Jordan, New Zealand, Panama, South Africa, Switzerland, the International Organisation of Employers [IOE] and the International Trade Union Confederation [ITUC].

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“Today’s virtual event, entitled International Equal Pay Day: Building back a better future of work by ensuring pay equity! will be moderated by Nozipho Tshabalala and panelists include Thorsteinn Viglundsoon, former Minister of Social Affairs and Equality, Iceland, Megan Rapinoe, Captain of US National Women’s Soccer team, Samira Ahmed, BBC journalist; Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO of Schibsted ASA Norway; Iris Bohnet, Harvard Kennedy School Professor and Academic Dean, and Nadia Soubat, Executive Bureau Member from CDT Morocco.

“Remarks will be given by the EPIC Secretariat, Guy Ryder, Director General, ILO, Asa Regner, UN Women, and Angel Gurría, Secretary-General, OECD.”

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