List: FDM’s 15 Candidates For General Election

September 10, 2020

The newly launched Free Democratic Movement [FDM] announced the 15 candidates that will represent FDM in the 2020 General Election.

The FDM Leader Marc Bean will run in Constituency 36 Sandys North,  which will see a three way contest between the OBA’s Jeff Sousa and the PLP’s Kathy Lynn Simmons. Other FDM candidates include Cheryl Packwood, Patrice Minors, Gavin Smith, Eugene Dean and more.

The full list of FDM candidates is as follows [list provided by the FDM]:

  • Constituency 2 – Dwain Smith
  • Constituency 5 – Desmond Wayne Crockwell
  • Constituency 7 – Cheryl Packwood
  • Constituency 12 – Patrice K. Minors
  • Constituency 13 – Leighsa Johnell Darrell-Augustus
  • Constituency 18 – Enda Elenora Matthie
  • Constituency 19 – LeYoni Junos
  • Constituency 21 – Gavin Kyle Smith
  • Constituency 27 – Collingwood Robinson
  • Constituency 31 – L. Kae Thomas Palacio
  • Constituency 32 – Christopher Paul Gauntlett
  • Constituency 33 – Christina Eliot Storey
  • Constituency 34 – Clarence Eugene Dean
  • Constituency 35 – Tiana Pamela Butterfield Saltus
  • Constituency 36 – Marc A. R. Bean

Update 8.30pm: A list of all the candidates, from all parties/independents, is below. If you are on a mobile phone and find it hard to read, try this list here.

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Comments (8)

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  1. patrice? says:

    Is Patrice Minors in #10 or #12?

    • Answer says:

      It doesn’t matter where she is. Bean is the only one that has a chance to win and even that is slim.

      The rest of the FDM are sacrificial lambs. The voters are either OBA or PLP.

      • Patrick Bean says:

        As name would indicate FDM is a movement and so does momentum begin toward a raising of the standard beyond that with which we’ve been burdened

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    I know a few of those people and this looks like a truly progressive movement. As with any political party, there are some there I do not trust but there are others I know to be progressive and moderate. This may be a new beginning.

  3. Storie Time says:

    Constituency 33 could be interesting if Ms. Storie can capture the imagination of voters and communicate effectively that she is not an opportunist career politician like her opponent.

    Assume she takes nearly all votes which would have gone OBA, throw in X number of folks who would never vote OBA but don’t like Jamal, and you would almost think that the lady cut a deal with Craig Cannonier – except that she hasn’t, she genuinely is a truly free spirit.

  4. Elaine says:

    Wish I was home to vote for Kae Tjomas Palacio. A strong woman who will be a terrific advocate for her constituents.

    • George says:

      I believe she will do well; she appears sincere ( honest person) nothing beats that Best of luck to her, I would sure vote for her

  5. BestCandidate says:

    Cheryl Packwood is the best candidate to run in Hamilton South #7
    She has a wonderful record representing Bermuda in the business world.

    I hope folks in Hamilton South will support this smart brilliant lady – Bermuda needs a person like Cheryl Packwood.