‘Promise Only As Good As Ability To Implement’

September 16, 2020

“Any politician can promise anything. But a promise is only as good as your ability to implement and keep your word,” the PLP said.

A PLP spokesperson said, “Any politician can promise anything. But a promise is only as good as your ability to implement and keep your word. In 2012, our opponents promised to create 2,000 jobs. Instead, almost 2,000 jobs were lost under their watch. They promised a gaming referendum, cleaner government and “great schools for great kids”. We got mould in the schools, no gaming referendum, JetGate and so many more broken promises.

“When it comes to our 2017 platform, we’re making steady progress. We increased education funding by $15 million and installed technology in all of our schools. We provided more affordable housing, we increased scholarships and apprenticeships, and we ensured that finances were not an obstacle to any Bermudian wanting to attend the Bermuda College.

“We increased paid maternity leave and introduced paid paternity leave, we ended conscription and we decriminalized cannabis. We regulated predatory lenders, eliminated duty on many staple food items and we kept our promise to increase pensions for our seniors every year. Finally, we reduced payroll taxes for workers to their lowest level in history, putting $2,000 a year more back into the pockets of working families, while those making over $235,000 paid more in taxes.

“Last Friday, and prior to this week’s advanced polling, we released our platform for seniors, so that as they go to the polls this week they know the PLP’s plans for their future. The platform includes the following commitments:

  • To continue to increase seniors’ pensions every year by the rate of inflation;
  • To facilitate the construction of seniors’ housing in the City of Hamilton that allows seniors to downsize their accommodation with easy access to support services that enable them to age well;
  • To create partnerships with the private sector to create or renovate seniors’ recreational centres using existing government buildings to provide more spacious, accessible and energy-efficient buildings;
  • To enact laws to reduce age discrimination so that Bermudians over 65 who wish to continue working are able to do so;
  • To reduce vehicle licence fees;
  • To eliminate Land Taxes for nursing homes and rest homes;
  • To market the Interest-Free Home Improvement Loan programme to persons 50 years and older in preparation for ageing at home at a time when they are in a position to repay the loan.

“The PLP is proud to be the party under whose leadership seniors’ pensions have increased every year; we have increased affordable housing for seniors and we have created future care and kept it affordable.

“We know that seniors want their futures to be secure. After working hard to build our country, they deserve nothing less. We remain firm in all our commitments and pledges to our seniors. Our past performance in this regard is indicative of what they can expect from us, a PLP Government that will stand firm for our seniors.”

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