OUTBermuda: 53% Favour Same-Sex Marriage

September 17, 2020

According to the latest public opinion poll by OUTBermuda, 53% of Bermudians now say they favour same-sex marriage.

A spokesperson said, “This week, leaders and attorneys for OUTBermuda confirmed that the long-awaited, final stage of appeal for Bermuda’s historic marriage equality decision will take place in London on February 3 and 4, 2021 – rather than December 2020 as originally set.

OUTBermuda Same-Sex Marriage Poll Sept 2020 1

“As Bermudians await the final appeal in 2021, OUTBermuda also released its latest public opinion poll demonstrating dramatic shifts in public attitudes over the past four years. The opinion research was commissioned by OUTBermuda and conducted in August by Bermuda-based Global Research.

“Key findings show:

  • “In 2016, when asked, 36% of Bermudians said they favored same-sex marriage. In 2020, however, a solid majority [53%] of Bermudians now say they favor same-sex marriage, with 11% still reporting they’re not sure. Significantly nearly 2/3 of younger Bermudians [64% between the ages of 18 and 34] also favor same-sex marriage.
  • “Moreover, over the past four years, when asked if their lives had been negatively affected by same-sex couples being able to marry, adopt or live together, an overwhelming 95% of Bermudians answered, “no.” Similarly, only 4% of Bermudians stated they are personally less accepting of gay and lesbian people than in 2016.
  • “OUTBermuda also reports that three-quarters [75%] of Bermuda’s registered voters are opposed to their government spending more money to seek appeal, after having already lost three legal cases in a row. Only 15% say they feel the government ought to persist.

“Bermudians are generally a gracious and hospitable people,” said OUTBermuda Chair Adrian Hartnett-Beasley. “As public attitudes show today, while they have grown increasingly comfortable with the LGBTQI+ community, their patience as taxpayers has worn thin with our government’s costly opposition to marriage equality.”

OUTBermuda Deputy Chair Zakiya Lord put it this way, “Since Bermuda’s historic marriage equality case in 2017 and despite the Government’s misconceived opposition, Bermuda’s same-sex couples have continued to commit to each other and consecrated their vows under Bermuda law. It’s past time as a nation that we celebrated rather than contested our marriages. Indeed our survey shows that LGBTQI+ issues did not even register as an important issue to residents, of which 85% highlighted ‘the economy’, ‘unemployment’, and ‘education’.”

Co-plaintiff Roderick Ferguson, whose lawsuit spawned the original Supreme Court victory in this matter in 2018, said: “Over the past three years, the popular support for marriage equality and for the LGBTQ community is stronger than ever and growing here at home. We have won not only in the judicial arena, but in the hearts and homes of Bermudians.”

Bermuda Timeline on Same-Sex Marriage:

  • “Marriage equality for Bermuda’s same-sex couples has been legal since the May 2017 decision in Godwin and DeRoche. Since then, the Bermuda Government sought to remove that right through the Domestic Partnership Act 2018, however both the Supreme Court [6 June 2018] and the Court of Appeal [23 November 2018] found this action to be unconstitutional and marriage equality has been upheld.
  • “Since May 2017, therefore, Bermuda same-sex couples have had their marriages celebrated and recognized in Bermuda and around the world. There is no precise estimate of their number however.
  • “The ongoing legal battle and final hearing on February 3 and 4, 2021 in the Privy Council, however, is necessary to retain this basic human right and make it permanent and lasting for all residents of the islands.
  • “OUTBermuda and fellow Bermudian plaintiffs Roderick Ferguson, Maryellen Jackson, Dr Gordon Campbell, the Parlour Tabernacle of the Vision Church of Bermuda and Sylvia Hayward, are delighted to confirm that Lord David Pannick, Queen’s Counsel, has agreed to represent them in their case in the Privy Council. Lord Pannick is considered the pre-eminent human rights and constitutional advocate in the United Kingdom, with extensive global experience. See here.
  • “OUTBermuda as well as Roderick Ferguson and the other successful plaintiffs are seeking to enforce the Court of Appeal’s Order against the Government for legal costs incurred. Once the appeals are fully exhausted, it is estimated that the Bermuda Government will incur more than $3 million in covering their own legal expenses as well as the successful plaintiffs [including OUTBermuda].
  • “Human rights advocates and leaders across the British Commonwealth of nations are watching these developments closely. Some legal experts believe these decisions will set favorable legal precedent on the marriage rights for same-sex couples in many other jurisdictions within the Commonwealth.
  • “OUTBermuda has keenly been watching the progress made in the Cayman Islands with the creation of Civil Partnerships less than two weeks ago and wishes to send its support to Chantelle Day and Vickie Bodden Bush as they also consider their legal approach with the Privy Council in London in February 2021.

“Please visit www.OUTBermuda.org for graphic representations of this newest public opinion data. Here are additional survey highlights from the current Bermuda public opinion research conducted in late August 2020 [as well as contrasting findings from a similar poll conducted in 2016]:

  • 92% believe that gays and lesbians deserved human rights protection [vs. 73% in 2016].
  • 95% believe that gays and lesbians deserved civil rights protection [vs. 68% in 2016].
  • 53% are in favor of same-sex marriage in Bermuda [vs. 36% in 2016].
  • 72% believe that a church should be allowed to perform a wedding between two consenting adults [vs. 54% in 2016].
  • 75% oppose the Bermuda Government spending more money on litigation to ban same-sex marriage; 15% supported it.
  • 3% stated that they had been negatively affected by same-sex couples being able to marry, adopt or live together over the past three years.


“Global Research utilized Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing [CATI] to interview 520 Bermuda residents aged 18 years and older [including 450 registered Bermuda voters]. These telephone interviews were conducted between August 20th – August 27th 2020, and the results were weighted to be representative of Bermuda’s population based on age, race and gender. The survey’s margin of error for the study is +/- 4.3%. Reported percentages and summary values may not sum to 100% due to rounding. Where possible, the results obtained are compared to a similar demographically weighted survey conducted in 2016 with 400 registered voters in Bermuda.”

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  1. Vortex says:

    53% is still a depressing number.

    Almost half of Bermuda favours oppression, resentment, interference and hate over letting innocent people getting on with their lives and LOVE.

    We’ve much to do and learn.

    • Jo says:

      Its less dont believe the hype.

      • Not Conclusive says:

        This was only 500 people not a good representation of how Bermudians feel about gays

    • bluenose says:

      It is the religious who seem absolutely obsessed with what goes on in other people’s beds.

    • sage says:

      SSM is legal right now in Bermuda and has been for a few years, couples have married, the court case will be lost by government so it will remain legal. So go tie the knot, get hitched, go “shrew de trees” and don’t worry about detractors their feelings have no relevance.

      • Question says:

        I agree. The Constitution allows ssm, so if you want to get married, there is nothing stopping you. It’s your right. We are all treated equally under the Constitution. Thank goodness..

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      53% is not as bad as you think. The report says that 53% of Bermudians “now say they favour same-sex marriage”. That does not mean that 47% of Bermudians oppose it. Many may well not have an opinion or care one way or the other.

      I think the fact that a majority of Bermudians now actually “support” equal rights for gay people is a move in the right direction.

  2. Portia says:

    A survey of 450 Bermudians is meaningless. It is in no way indicative of how Bermudians feel about SSM and is far too small a sample to judge accurately. Yet OutBermuda is wrongly touting it as if it is truth, when it is not. The truth is that one of the main reasons why OBA was given the boot was because of it’s stance on SSM. What is also true is that the referendum, while not legally binding, showed that Bermudians overwhelmingly did NOT support SSM, and that still would be true today if another referendum were held.

    • Bermy says:

      So exactly how does it change your day or life and what’s the problem. Personally don’t give a flying anything one way or another but at the end of the day I don’t want to see any man or women have to live an unhappy life, and please don’t give me any bible comic book stuff, tell us how it will effect the every day person and there life.

    • Question says:

      The referendum was inconclusive.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      If that’s the case, then it confirms Bermudians are a^&*%les. Plain and simple.

    • Adrian Hartnett-Beasley says:

      Hey Portia – we commissioned a poll, provided the analysis process and published the factual results of the poll and then compared those results to the data from another poll in 2016. It’s not a census or another referendum; we never claimed that nor are we claiming to be purveyors of ‘truth’. The data speaks for itself.

    • bluenose says:

      I just love how you state that this survey is meaningless and then use the referendum as fact. The fact is that this should not come down to opinion. It is about equal rights. Everyone should be allowed to marry whomever they wish.

    • Come Correct says:

      I didn’t vote in the referendum just like many other people didn’t because it was pointless. Going against SSM is unconstitutional so it was going to happen anyway. I don’t think that referendum tells you anything.

  3. kevin says:

    Serious we still have people who live under rocks and believe the crap that gets spewed out by church and homophobics. If you had a referendum today you would be shocked at the real support that there is for SSM. Hell we are having an election lets add it to the Ballot …Actually we should also ask should we keep the westminster system of party politics and hell yes lest put independence on it as well

  4. Jevon Ray says:

    450 out of 62,000, and that gives you justification to? I will not dismiss biology just to make someone else feel good. Facts don’t care about feelings. The LGBT community does not in any form or fashion move us closer to securing the next generation. If the OBA would’ve done the referendum binding, the answer would still be a resounding No \ No.

    • Question says:

      The referendum wasn’t a resounding anything. It didn’t resolve it one way or the other. So we’re left with Bermuda’s Constitution, which says what it says. Nobody is above the Constitution, it’s there for every one of us. Without exception.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Say this had been a poll about independence and you were an avid supporter and the result numbers were the same. Would you be jumping up and down saying that it was a true reflection and we should go independent ?

    • .am says:

      What does biology have to do with marriage?

    • saud says:

      Jevon, you’re the biggest closet case in Bermuda.
      Sorry, the truth hurts you.

      • Answer says:

        It hurts yea ok lol the last 3 oba loser leaders didn’t even support (it)

        Milkman no
        Sleepy Jean Atherdaaaaaane no
        Jet gateeee no

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      There are not 62,000 “Bermudians” in Bermuda. There are about 60,000 (or 62,000)”residents”.

  5. Bynot says:

    Island is still full of hypocrites who use politics and religion to whip people into to psychotic frenzy of discrimination….
    Shame on the Church and the political bigots

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “Island is still full of hypocrites who use politics and religion to whip people into to psychotic frenzy of discrimination”

      It is not just Bermuda, it is everywhere that has a parliamentary system similar to ours. Look at Britain and America right now.

  6. Byont says:

    The bigots and hypocrites must be defeated.
    You cannot “Cherry Pick” discrimination- which is what the “church” and “some politicians” have done, quoting the Bible to back up their position.
    Love Wins

    • LOL (original) says:

      We do all the time, it’s called preference. Do you or don’t you discriminate when you finally pick a mate. All the other potentials have been discriminated against, yes? This is why trans women crying in videos where men that do not have a preference for SS will not date them…. is this discrimination….. or preference.

      LOL by your statement above you must be ok with grown people messing with kids as P is included in the Alphabet peoples (+) along with a lot of other things that was considered a mental issue not long ago. Even Lesbian’s are not on a hole supporting Trans issues as with the introduction of them endangers women’s rights and will be the death of women sports as seen by multiple stories, complaints and law suits noted in the news of various sources.

      • PBanks says:

        The ‘P’ is for pansexual, not what you’re thinking of. Posting misinformation like that is harmful.

        • LOL (original) says:

          No P is for what I said it was. Look up the history of Pan sextual. The term was first coined by the singer actress Ms. Cyrus. 4 or 5 years ago. The P in LGBT+ was there before this happened. Even ABC did a “profile on non offending P’s (as there admit it is they preference.) go look it up.

  7. saud says:

    Jevons inability to come out of the closet has nothing to do with the OBA or plp. Are you confused or stupid?