PLP Press Conference: Roban & Simmons

September 28, 2020

The PLP held another press conference this morning [Sept 28], with candidates Walter Roban and Lindsay Simmons both delivering remarks.

Deputy Premier Walter Roban’s remarks:

Good morning,

Today, we’re here to offer a few thoughts on the OBA’s platform. We’ve had the opportunity to read it cover to cover. And, here’s what surprised me – In 20 pages of their platform, the PLP or David Burt were mentioned by name 22 times. That is more than 1 time per page. Conversely, in the PLP’s nearly 40-page platform, the OBA or Craig Cannonier were mentioned just twice.

I give you these facts to say that the OBA offers no ideas and no solutions in their platform – it is full of attacks against the PLP.

A platform is supposed to be a document that outlines what you will do for the country. But, when you look beyond the OBA’s attacks against David Burt and the PLP – and the platitudes with no details, you find some interesting items including:

  • The OBA has stated that they will implement the recommendations of the Fiscal responsibility panel who has said Bermuda is undertaxed, and has recommended tax increases combined with an income tax of $200 million!!! These proposed OBA tax increases will affect all Bermudians and increase taxes on all by 20%. The PLP’s Minister of finance – and our platform – does not agree with the Fiscal Responsibility Panel Recommendation – and has said that we will not increase the tax burden on existing persons and focus on growth. That is a clear difference in approach. The OBA supports that
  • $200 million tax increase coupled with income tax recommended by the Fiscal Responsibility Panel, and the PLP wants to grow the economy to increase government revenue. Before the pandemic we proved we could do that, and we will do it again.
  • The document included, and I quote, to “Promote adequate Island-wide Wi-Fi coverage, particularly in our schools.” End quote. We’ve put wi-fi in all of our schools and our budgets this year expanded the coverage and increased speeds at our schools.
  • And, they said, and I quote, we will “waive stamp duty on Mortgages for first time home buyers.” We thank the OBA for their endorsement – but this was already implemented by the PLP.
  • They said – “Give payroll and other tax breaks for the hiring of Bermudians in trainee positions” – Again – already in place thanks to the PLP!

Throughout the OBA platform – which, incidentally, is half the length of the PLP’s – you find plenty of attacks against the PLP, you find policies that the PLP has already implemented, and, you find plenty of vague statements – but, no real concrete ideas to see us through the economic recovery.

To propose things that already exist is an insult to the intelligence of voters, and it is unconscionable that the OBA supports a $200 million tax increase on Bermudians during tough economic times. Who is coming up with their economic plans? Certainly not Curits Dickinson.

Bermuda, at the end of the day, this election is about who is best suited to see us through the economic recovery and a possible second wave of the coronavirus. You must ask yourself – whether it’s the no ideas, no solutions and only attacks OBA or if it’s a PLP team, led by David Burt, that has kept to the high road and offered a detailed and realistic economic recovery plan that doesn’t call for massive tax increases?

That question is for you to answer on October 1st. Thank you.

PLP Press Conference Bermuda Sept 2020

Lindsay Simmons’ remarks:

Good morning,

As many of you know, I’m running against Craig Cannonier. I’ve been listening to what he’s been saying over the past few weeks and I’m here to talk about character. Because, when you talk about leadership, and when you talk about economic recovery, we must also talk about the issue of character.

We all remember why he had to resign as Premier of this country. He admitted that he was, and I quote “less than honest” with Bermudians.

But, last week Friday, he gave an unannounced address to the country in which he detailed wild accusations and offered no proof and no evidence of those accusations. If I – or any regular Bermudian – was going to accuse someone of doing or saying something, I would at least need to offer some kind of proof. But, Mr.
Cannonier doesn’t offer any. Instead, he simply asks us to take him at his word.

But, let’s say that Mr. Cannonier is telling the truth about his meeting with the Premier. The Premier, and all of Bermuda, know that independence cannot happen legally without a referendum – a vote of the people in favour of it. So, Mr. Cannonier is misleading again by insinuating that he could even if he and the Premier wanted to, take us to independence.

This is the typical play that is always used against this party. The UBP used to do it, and now the OBA are doing the same thing. Use their friends in the media to launch attacks during the week of the election. We all know this week there will be some type of old news that is dressed up as new and written with a sensational headline to make the Bermuda Progressive Labor Party and the Progressive Labour Party leader look bad. Bermuda please, do not fall for this kind of sensationalization by Cannonier and Co.

Let’s stick to the facts and what I’m seeing on the doorstep is a whole bunch of constituents that have not been visited by Mr. Cannonier for years. I am there, I am listening, and, I am committed to doing right by the community and being the community representative the people of #12 deserve. I hope that you will consider character when you go and vote on Thursday.

Thank you.

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  1. Tax Strike Now. says:

    I’m voting FDM – and hopefully this will be the beginning of a fully fledged tax payer revolt whereby taxes are withheld until all MPs and ministers take 50% pay cuts, civil servants become more civil in respecting how they spend our money, the BMA starts investigating real villains instead of being a constant and expensive thorn in the side of legitimate businesses, and the list goes on… feel free to add.

    • Yea ok says:

      You and the 15 in the Fall Doom Moon. The voters are selecting OBAUBP or BIUPLP. Stop begging for votes.

    • sage says:

      PLP ain’t volunteering for any pay cuts that affect take home pay.

      • Hey says:

        But in true PLP style, they then put a spin on it to make it sound like they had. That is me is a red flag, and prof that you cannot trust Burt.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “I give you these facts to say that the OBA offers no ideas and no solutions in their platform – it is full of attacks against the PLP.”

    Now I have no political allegiance, but even I find that a bit much.

  3. Let''s Keep It Real says:

    Mark Bean was the most intelligent and well spoken leader last night(now I why they did not want to debate him). He needs to increase his team for the next General election. With the right team the FDM will be a movement to pay close attention too. to bad they dont have a candidate in my area because the PLP/UBP( they have more former UBP MP’s than the OBA). and the OBA neither have anyone worth voting for.