OBA Press Conference: Cannonier & Robinson

September 28, 2020

The OBA held another press conference today [Sept 28], with candidates Craig Cannonier and Dwayne Robinson both delivering remarks.

OBA Leader Craig Cannonier’s remarks:

My Fellow Bermudians,

Over the weekend, we released our election platform.

We did not need fuss or fanfare. We are not about one person. We are a team.

We know the One Bermuda Alliance has the best vision for Bermuda.

We are the Party that delivers for Bermudians. Our track record speaks for itself.

The platform reflects your concerns and needs and what is best for Bermuda.

It represents our solemn promise to you to be Better for Bermuda.

Our Social Contract considers our economic realities and social challenges.

It contains policies and initiatives that will help all Bermudians be successful.

From our education ideas to our plans to assist seniors, this is truly a contract that all Bermudians can believe in.

It is balanced, bold where we need to take steps to ensure Bermuda is not left behind in a global world, and contains better solutions to current, problematic issues.

It is about stability and transformation.

Bermuda cannot be the society we all wish it to be unless it involves and engages our entire society.

You will find throughout Our Social Contract – Better for Bermuda that we stand for cohesiveness, collaboration, consensus building and national conversations for change on matters like inclusiveness.

Together, working with you, we will take Bermuda in a new, better, direction.

We will do better on education, protecting our vulnerable Bermudians, stimulating our economy, transforming healthcare, enhancing our public and uniformed services, and transforming the way Bermuda is governed by giving power back to the communities we serve.

We will leave no one behind.

I dream of a Bermuda marked by excellence.

Of a Bermuda that is the safest place in which to live and work.

A Bermuda in which the different dreams of our youth can all be realized.

This is a critical time for Bermuda.

This is a time for change in Bermuda.

I am ready to serve you.

The OBA is ready to serve you.

We are ready to serve Bermuda.

We are ready for a better Bermuda.

We will not let you down.

I ask that you vote for the One Bermuda Alliance on 1st October 2020.

Dwayne Robinson’s remarks:

Good afternoon,

Constant and solid engagement and investment in our youth is the only way to secure our island’s future.

The OBA firmly believes that leadership is not about the next election, but about the next generation.

A pillar of our development for Bermuda is to develop the environment in which our young people can comfortably live and work in the areas they are attracted to – areas that will increasingly be the top earning sectors in the world.

Hence, our comprehensive future plans to improve and expand activities around entertainment and culture, technological development and online business to start the development of a Creative Economy for Bermuda that can stand with our traditional earning sectors.

But we also recognise that our young people must be fully integrated into our society. So, an OBA government will deliver a set of initiatives that will involve early job training and entrepreneurship as well as vehicles for much easier home ownership.

Youth of Bermuda, we have heard you.

We know you wish for a more dynamic and non-political education that will put you on the road to worthwhile employment or business ownership.

It is our intention to invest in our young people to make them global citizens even as we secure the future for Bermuda, which our young people will lead.

We have already unveiled initiatives that will help the next generations of Bermudians, including the creation of Economic Development Scholarships which will help students’ development and progress in existing, and newly emerging industries.
In addition, the OBA will:

  • Assist first-time Bermudian home buyers to get a piece of the rock with tax friendly lease-to-buy opportunities.
  • Waive stamp duty on Mortgages for first time home buyers and work towards the assessing of 100
  • per cent mortgages.
  • Give payroll and other tax breaks for the hiring of Bermudians in trainee positions.
  • Increase utilization of art and performance in our tourism product.
  • Develop more festivals so that our artists and entertainers can have year-long opportunities to work.
  • Expand film and TV incentive programmes to attract Bermuda-based production and create visibility for Bermuda and career opportunities for Bermudians.
  • Promote a public/private partnership to expand the availability of scholarships for the arts.
  • Enhance the promotion of events for competition in the arts.
  • Identify international connections and partnerships to assist in the promotion of local performing artists beyond our shores.
  • Develop a National Parish Competition that promotes the history and culture of Bermuda.
  • Offer National Development scholarships in the arts.
  • Work with established international entities to establish an annual tech fair that exposes our youth to the cutting edge in robotics, coding, animation and such future forward skills.
  • Improve sports development including certification of trainers.

I firmly believe that these initiatives will not only help our youth – they will help Bermuda.

Thank you

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  1. Confused says:

    We already have the option of stamp duty being waived for first time home owners, what does the OBA mean by them creating this option again? And if all the young people have the ideas why would Craig want to do all the talking?

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Our Social Contract considers our economic realities and social challenges.”

    Really? How can you know what the “economic realities” are when no respected economist in the world does?

    • CHRIS says:

      more like how can anyone make realistic economic policies when 1) the PLP refuse to release the Hospital Acute Care contract 2) the Union has not produced financials in how long? 3) how far behind is the Auditor General’s office and their reporting?