Ministry: Community Book Drive For Inmates

October 18, 2020

For the remaining month of October and month of November the Department of Corrections is “spearheading a Community Book Drive for inmates,” the Ministry of National Security said.

Minister of National Security Renee Ming said, “The Department of Corrections has quite a number of avid readers within our correctional facilities who are very interested in reading new books particularly, in the genres of culture, non-fiction, education, business, self-help, and spirituality.

“There’s also an interest for specific fiction authors. We would be grateful for new books, in these areas, from which our incarcerated residents can be mentally stimulated and encouraged in their personal growth. I wish to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at the Department of Corrections for introducing this initiative, as well as the local book stores who have generously partnered with us.”

A spokesperson said, “Interested members of the community are encouraged to visit local bookstores, The Bookmart or The Griot this month and next month to purchase a book for any of the correctional facilities.

“For logistical purposes, books that are purchased will be left at the stores and collected by Department of Corrections personnel. The public is thanked in advance for their participation and support of the Community Book Drive.”

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  1. Now Ya Nice says:

    Has the Hon Minister been to the Childrens Library or National Library lately?

    I doubt it. If you had, you would know how much of an insult it is to the people of this country the use them, to hear that your priority is with our inmates.

    Why not update the Librarys stocks used by our children, students, working adults and seniors and send the junk to prisons.

    I know that words might anger many people but it is upseting to me that we spend MORE money per person on our inmates then we do per student on education or on aftercare / healthcare for seniors. Now you want our donations to go to them too!

    Sorry but NO. You want books, buy them from money from the sugar tax fund. You are obviously not using that money for what was promised.

    • Izzypop says:

      Years ago I bags and bags of books left over from a fair. Offers to the prisons. They refused. Said that there might be content in them, that the prisoners shouldn’t read
      Well they could have taken the books and sorted three. Trashes what they felt not readable
      Instead the books went to the dump because I tried. Schools. The library. No one wanted them
      And there were all varieties of books

  2. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    A few months ago,just before Covid hit the Island,I took a large quantity of books (fiction and non fiction) to the Co-Educational Facility and was quite plainly told by an arrogant and sloppily dressed female uniformed member of staff

    “We don’t take books for Inmates!” they already have plenty.

    I then offered them to my local Salvation Army Captain who gratefully took them.

  3. Curious Reader says:

    Does anyone know if they will accpet donations of books that are still in great condition? I cant really afford to be buying the books, but would happily rally some books from friends and family to donate. :)

    • Boston Whaler Owner says:

      @Curious Reader

      you clearly don’t read!
      2 previous comments would have given you the answer to you quetion.