Photos: Election Candidates At Polling Stations

October 1, 2020

The 2020 General Election is taking place today [Oct 1], with candidates — many decked out in their party colors including matching masks — greeting voters as they attend the polling stations to cast their vote.

Polling stations will close at 8.00pm, and the results are expected to come in later this evening. The PLP enters this election holding a large majority [25 seats of the 36] and have already won three seats, as they were the only party to field candidates in them. The OBA has 31 candidates contesting this election, and the newly formed FDM party has a total of 14 candidates, with many watching with interest to see what impact the new party will have. You can view our live updates here.


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  1. PLP losing says:

    I drove around and looks like PLP are losing bigtime! No one wants another 4 years of this circus! Go FDM!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      What a difference a day makes. Twenty-four little hours…..

  2. Hurricane says:

    Can you say that a little louder? People in the back couldn’t hear you. Hahahahaha