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October 8, 2020

[Updating] A swearing in ceremony will be held at 2.30pm this afternoon [Oct 8] at Government House, with Premier David Burt expected to announce the Cabinet Members.

Earlier today Premier Burt tweeted, “Later today, I will make appointments to the Cabinet of Bermuda. Many are not familiar with our Constitution. Sections 58-64 cover appointments to Cabinet. Key point, I can only appoint 11 persons from the House as Minister/Junior Minster. There is no limit on Junior Ministers that can be appointed from the Bermuda Senate. Today I will need to make 5 appointments to the Senate, out of those 5, one will be required to be made a Minister and to serve in the Cabinet [S 58 of the Constitution].”

This follows after the General Election which saw the PLP win 30 seats to claim a super majority in the 36-seat House of Assembly, with the PLP now holding 83.3% of the seats in the House.

With 30 MPs, as well as the ability to appoint members of the Senate, Premier Burt has no shortage of choice, with the 30 MPs who could possibly be appointed including Renee Ming, Kim Swan, Lovitta Foggo, Tinee Furbert, Derrick Burgess, Wayne Furbert, Anthony Richardson, Vance Campbell, Chris Famous, Diallo Rabain, Wayne Caines, Walter Roban, Michael Weeks, Jason Hayward, David Burt, Jache Adams, Curtis Dickinson, Lawrence Scott, Neville Tyrrell, Lt/Col David Burch, Dennis Lister III, Zane DeSilva, Jason Wade, Crystal Caesar, Scott Simmons, Jamahl Simmons, Kim Wilson, Dennis Lister, Michael Scott, and Kathy Lynn Simmons.

The Premier will also need to appoint five new Senators, as the PLP’s five Senators were all elected to the House of Assembly,

Prior to the election the Cabinet Ministers were as follows:

MP Ministry
Renee Ming Minister of National Security
Lovitta Foggo Minister of Community Affairs and Sports
Wayne Furbert Minister For The Cabinet Office
Diallo Rabain Minister of Education
Walter Roban Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs
Jason Hayward Minister of Labour
David Burt Premier of Bermuda
Curtis L. Dickinson Minister of Finance
Neville Tyrrell Minister of Transportation
Lt. Col David Burch Minister of Public Works
Kim Wilson Minister of Health
Kathy Lynn Simmons Attorney General & Minister of Legal Affairs

All MPs who served as Ministers retained their seats in the election, with the only change being Kathy Lynn Simmons moving from the Senate to the House after winning Constituency 36.

While it is likely the Premier will retain many of the Cabinet Ministers, it is also likely there could be some changes to personnel and/or Ministries, with some Cabinet announcements seeing the re-alignment of Ministries.

We will find out all the details of the new Cabinet later today, with the ceremony set to start at around 2.30pm. We we will update as able.

Update | New Senators & Cabinet Ministers

Most the Cabinet Ministers remain the same, the major changes are Lovitta Foggo and Neville Tyrrell no longer being in Cabinet and three new Cabinet Ministers; Lawrence Scott [Transport] Tinee Furbert [Social Development & Seniors] and Rolfe Commissiong [Community Affairs & Sports].

New Cabinet:

  • Lawrence Scott – Transport
  • Tinee Furbert – Social Development and Seniors
  • Kim Wilson – Health
  • Diallo Rabain – Education
  • Wayne Furbert – Cabinet Office
  • Renee Ming – National Security
  • Lt. Col. David Burch – Public Works
  • Kathy Simmons – Attorney General
  • Curtis Dickinson – Finance
  • Jason Hayward – Labour
  • Walter Roban – Home Affairs
  • Rolfe Commissiong – Community Affairs and Sports

New Senators

  • Owen Darrell
  • Curtis Richardson
  • Arianna Hodgson
  • Lindsay Simmons
  • Rolfe Commissiong

Update | Live stream

Update | Your screen will automatically refresh with the latest updates

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  1. Charlly X says:

    hMMMM congrats on returning to Government!
    So with all the ammunition in the backbench , I’m sure they’ll still have a full time job/ career somewhere else ?? So why don’t all the MPs take at least a 50% cut in wages ? You’ve all been MPs before and you have a good pension package and wages accordingly. Some of you don’t even need the money ? So I’m asking for you to show some leadership n take a cutttt above the rest !!

  2. Cabinet says:

    Who is the Tourism minister

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Where is the emphasis on rebuilding the economy? It seems there is more emphasis on hand outs and payouts, let alone paybacks. Little said on how Bermuda will earn the money to pay for the Government that is far too large for the population. While the PLP may have gained more seats they were with less voter support. Bermuda is dependent on an economic base that has no votes, except financial ones. The Premier needs to press home to his voters and Cabinet that especially now local political power will not generate the revenues needed to pay for Government. Party time has ended.