Shell Lubricants Available Again In Bermuda

October 6, 2020

AMT Supplies Ltd has announced that they will be bringing back Shell lubricants, greases, and oils to Bermuda following approval by Massy Ma-chinery.

A spokesperson said, “The popular line of Shell lubricants, greases and oils, which Bermudian residents and commercial operators have used in their vehicles and equipment for decades are once again available locally.

“After a brief distribution hiatus, we are pleased to announce that AMT Supplies Ltd. have brought the world-renowned product back to the island.

“AMT Supplies Ltd. has been granted the license to distribute the products in Bermuda by Massy Ma-chinery, the new Macro-Distributor of Shell lubricants across the Caribbean region.

“As such, they currently have in stock a wide range of the high performance lubricants and greases available from the world’s number one lubricants supplier, and plans to increase the range of the product lines in the near future.”

AMT Supplies President Joseph Vieira said, “We are proud to have been chosen as the authorised local distributor for the Shell portfolio of lubricants. Shell lubricants has been named the #1 Global Lubricants Supplier for 13 years in a row and is the global leader in providing technological innovation backed by expert technical services.

“We look forward to demonstrating how Shell lubricants deliver real value to drivers, whether they be residential, taxi, or commercial, industrial and marine operators.

“Shell lubricants are designed to deliver key benefits which meet the needs of modern engines and transmissions including optimum engine performance, protection, and fuel efficiency. The entire Shell line is formulated to extend the life of expensive engine parts, extend oil change intervals, and minimise vehicle or equipment downtime.”

Chevonne Raymond, Shell Lubricants Sales Manager at Massy Machinery, said, “Shell Lubricants are known, liked and have been trusted in the Bermudian market for decades and we wanted to ensure the benefits of this superior line of prod-ucts are once again available for Bermudian residents to take advantage of.”

Dean Caton, Sales Engineer at AMT Supplies, said, “Our customers will have access to the versatile and complete line of lubricants.

“Commercial customers seeking superior protection for their diesel engines can chose from the Rimula line, and those customers seeking the ultimate in protection for transmission components, gears and chassis applications will have access to Shell’s Spirax line of transmission oils & fluids, a range of Tellus hydraulic oils and Gadus greases, among others.

“Residential customers will have a wide variety of choices including the Helix Ultra Fully Synthetic Car Engine Oils and the renowned Nautilus Premium Outboard oil.

“We are also looking forward to supporting our customers with a range of value-added services such as LubeMatch, LubeAdvisor and LubeAnalyst, and we will be providing a number of virtual training sessions where interested parties can learn more directly from Shell’s team of technical experts.”

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