Video: Hurricane Hunters Monitoring Epsilon

October 22, 2020

The Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters are currently monitoring Hurricane Epsilon, capturing video from within the storm’s eye and finding that it has “dropped in intensity.”

The National Hurricane Center said, “Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters find that Epsilon has dropped in intensity.”

The latest forecast from the BWS regarding Hurricane Epsilon says, “A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect as category 3 Hurricane Epsilon several hundred miles to our southeast moves northwestward to be east of the Island tomorrow night into early Friday.

“Intensifying showers with tropical storm force wind will intermittently occur into Friday then ease thereafter as Epsilon exits to our north. Hazardous seas and surf can be expected over the next several days.”

Minister of National Security Renee Ming previously said, ““Hurricane Epsilon continues to be a potential threat to Bermuda, but based on the latest forecast, this weather system is expected to be similar to what Bermuda experiences during a winter gale.”

The Hurricane Hunters tweeted the photos below, saying, “Inside the eye of Hurricane Epsilon.”

Hurricane Epsilon October 22 2020 (1)

Hurricane Epsilon October 22 2020 (2)

Hurricane Epsilon October 22 2020 (3)

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