Align BDA Introduces Quality Resistance Bands

November 23, 2020

Align BDA has expanded its services this year “despite the challenges of Covid-19,” including the release of “high quality resistance bands for core strength and stability to mitigate the effects of prolonged sitting.”

A spokesperson said, “Align BDA, owned by health and fitness coach Jenia Thompson, is proud to announce expanded services this year despite the challenges of Covid-19.

“Thompson launched Align BDA in 2018 while working as a successful Certified Public Accountant [CPA]. Her own challenges with finding holistic coaches, local reports of worsening public health, and over 15 years of experience in the local fitness community sparked a passion to change careers to better serve the community.

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“The Covid-19 crisis forced Thompson to think outside of the box in order to save her small business, including launching new products to address the unique challenges of working at a desk or from home.”

Ms Thompson said, “I chose to become a certified personal trainer and pursue a certification as an IIN health coach as I’ve found diet and exercise to be the most powerful combination to change your lifestyle.

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“Even though I started Align BDA in 2018, I waited until February this year to step down from my full time position as a CPA to dedicate more time to my growing business.

“Initially, the lockdowns to contain the pandemic threatened to derail my plans, but I was able to reach new clients through virtual events and online training. Now, I’m proud to offer a variety of services and products to continue my work to help Bermudians better their health.”

The spokesperson said, “Last week, Align BDA introduced high quality resistance bands for core strength and stability to mitigate the effects of prolonged sitting.”

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Ms Thompson said, “Sitting at a desk or working from home encourages poor posture and weakens the muscles that support the core of our bodies. This is a problem that I see often in my work as a personal trainer and why I’ve decided to offer high quality resistance bands to address this problem.”

The spokesperson said, “The Align BDA resistance bands are designed to target specific muscle groups and are available in packages of two or four in a variety of colors and patterns. They are available for purchase through the Sargasso Sea app or in-person at Urban Cottage Bermuda at 11 Front Street.

“Jenia Thompson can be reached via email at or through direct message on Instagram. For more information, visit”

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