TeleCare To Deliver New Wellness Program

December 16, 2021

TeleCare Bermuda is getting set to launch a new wellness program beginning next month.

A spokesperson said, “Get ready for a more fit, fun, and fab you in 2022! Introducing Bermuda’s first multidisciplinary telehealth program comprised of the passionate trifecta, Lunette Castillo NP [nurse practitioner and founder of TeleCare Bermuda], Janice Mullings-George RN MPH [nurse and health coach], and Letitia Rabain RD [registered dietitian and mindful eating expert].

“This team is committed to providing the highest quality care with the utmost compassion & to changing the way we view healthcare on the island.

“They believe that an evidenced-based, multidisciplinary, holistic approach to wellness provided in a supportive, non-judgmental, environment is key to patient’s long-term success. Having a multidisciplinary team ensures patients have improved outcomes, better quality of care, faster treatment, and enhanced satisfaction.

“The team brings a wealth of professional experience. These ladies are experts in their fields, all having at least 15 years in clinical practice, thus are qualified to cater to clients with various medical needs, but it’s the compassion they have for their patients that truly sets them apart. It’s all about putting the patient first by taking the stress out of managing health thus freeing their time up to do what makes them happy.”

Lunette Castille NP said, “Many deaths in Bermuda are due to chronic diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Many of these conditions are preventable. As a Nurse Practitioner [NP], I play a major role in preventive health care.

“NP training concentrates on holistic care for individual patients, families and communities. This makes me uniquely positioned to influence patient behaviour by developing strong, trusting, long-term relationships. Through one-on-one care, as an NP, I empower individuals to make better health choices and make lifestyle changes that help prevent chronic disease.”

Janice Mullings-George RN MPH said, “I’m dedicated to helping all my clients have a fun, people-focused health and total life transformation! My role on this wellness team is to utilize creative techniques in a private, safe and supportive space to help ensure clients have dedicated, evidence-based support along their path to wellness. Everyone’s journey to wellness is different. There is no one way or cookie cutter approach. We all live complicated lives with a variety of twists, turns and roller coaster experiences.

“That is why I ensure I spend time getting to understand you, your schedule, your family, your priorities, and you’re non-negotiables so that together we can create a wellness plan that is practical and full of fun. My secret sauce is that all I do is evidenced-based, realistic and practical. Our program is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. How do I know it works? I have seen many of those I have worked with lives changed as a result of these techniques.”

The spokesperson said, “Letitia Rabain RD brings her passion for promoting a more flexible and less restrictive approach to weight and health management. She believes good physical health should not come at the expense of your mental health.”

Letitia Rabain RD said, ”People don’t need to be perfect to be healthy so why do we keep pushing that narrative? The evidence shows that the best diet is the one people can actually stick with and that’s what I hope to help all my clients achieve their own perfect diet and discover they can be healthy without sacrificing taste, hours of time or breaking their budget. I don’t just want them to be healthier, I want them to feel great doing it – inside and out. That’s my definition of success.

“This team embodies so much creativity and positive energy and I am so excited about the recent partnership. I’m all about making healthy eating doable and amazing so people can live their best lives. Providing services in a virtual space offers yet another element of flexibility that help reduce barriers and improve the patient’s success.”

The spokesperson said, “The trifecta will pilot their 12-week virtual group wellness program in January 2022. The Triple F [Fit, Fun, Fab] Wellness Program includes pre and post assessments with the nurse practitioner to measure health outcomes, regular health coaching sessions, weekly diet and mindset education sessions/coaching, bimonthly fun healthy food demos and more,

“If you are interested in being part of our introductory group program in January 2022, please sign up on our website at The first five people to register will get full program access at our special discounted introductory price. Sign up now so you don’t miss out. For more information, please email us at”

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