Docks: Industrial Dispute Referred To Tribunal

November 24, 2020

[Updated with video] The industrial dispute between Stevedoring Services and the BIU remains “at an impasse with no further progress being made,” so the Minister of Labour has referred the dispute to the Labour Disputes Tribunal.

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry, including the Labour Relations Section, has been engaged in mediation efforts over the last few days, pertaining to the industrial dispute between Stevedoring Services Limited and the Bermuda Industrial Union. It now appears that the parties remain at an impasse with no further progress being made.

Update | A look at three ships on the docks this morning:

“Therefore, in accordance with Section 11 as read with Section 4 of the Labour Disputes Act 1992 the Minister of Labour, the Hon. Jason P. Hayward, JP, MP has referred the said dispute for settlement to the Labour Disputes Tribunal [Tribunal].

“Once referred to the Tribunal, in accordance with section 19 of the Labour Disputes Act 1992, any lockout strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike is unlawful and any person who takes part in, incites or in any way encourages, persuades or influences any person to take part in, or otherwise acts in furtherance of, a lock-out, strike or irregular industrial action short of a strike that is unlawful under this section is guilty of an offence.”

Speaking on the matter, the Minister of Labour Jason Hayward said, “The Government will continue to work with the parties involved to resolve this dispute. I am hopeful that the parties will find a resolution to this issue as soon as possible as it is in the public interest that the services at the dock can fully resume.”

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  1. kevin says:

    when will we finally bring this under control …first they are an essential service and must be governed accordingly …next management must be able to manage and employees who disregard policy need to be dealt with ..the BIU cannot be allowed to dictate … …..Burt / hayward although you are labour …you also know the country cant suffer

  2. WOW!!! I seem to recall just a few months ago, ( just before the election ) and during the last nonsense pulled by the dock workers, Jason Hayward and premier Blurt were down there at the picket line hanging out and acting like they were all best friends with the workers who were picketing illegally!
    What a difference an election can make?? 30-6
    SMDH at the continues hypocrisy of the plp!

    • Deborah says:

      NNSheriffe, it is my understanding that this Govt. aligns itself with labour, but this does not mean they agree with the industrial action. My opinion is that the matter was referred to the LDT because Govt. perhaps does not agree with the actions of the BIU staff member(s) and based on what I understand the matter to involve, nor do I. Lets just await the outcome of the Tribunal to see whether justice has been served in this instance.

  3. Dark Star says:

    Anybody realized that this stunt ( refusing to unload the 3 ships completel when they arrived) is going to have a knock on effect on the shippers insurance rates which will be passed down to us the end consumer. To spell it out for the masses—- price of shipping will go up resulting in higher priced goods . Well done dock workers, BIU, and the gov’t ( govt should have had balls and stepped in last week and dealt with the matter accordingly not on the night before the employee at the center is to be going back to work)

  4. You own fleas bite you the hardest…you know what this is…overtime for Christmas for backlog buisness…a strike before Christmas always does this.
    Extort the tax dollar.
    During a pandemic.

  5. babaloo says:

    Bermuda is in a state of emergency.
    It is egotistical to take pesidence over people’s well being….selfish as well.
    Our well being is at stake …and you just want the overtime for backlog it would seem.Chris…stop this foolishness…

  6. bambino says:

    This is what you voted for…..

  7. Maddog says:

    I can’t understand how in this current environment, where having a job is actually a privilege, that people think a strike is the right thing to do. There are hundreds of Bermudian workers who were just made redundant, I am sure they would be more than happy to take over from the dock workers! Fire all of them…and hire those that actually want to work, and then let’s see how quick they are to consider a strike again.

  8. Jack says:

    Unloading the only dock in the country is an essential service. This service should not be run by a private company, it should be state owned and controlled. There seems to be huge animosity between the workers and the management. That isn’t going to go away. Pass legislation to allow the state to make a mandatory purchase of this business and allow government to take control of our docks. This is the right thing to do. Finally, the root of this problem comes back to the same issue as the root of most other problems in this country, race relations and the islands colonial past steeped in slavery. Even hundreds of years after the abolition the island hasn’t been able to move on past its ulgy history and is traped and held back by it even today. The government needs to do more to bring the 2 communities together. Until it does we will always have these problems.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      So, you think the docks should be run by the civil service do you, having all of the efficiency, cost savings & good working record of no wildcat strikes like the bus service. RIIIIGHT!

      • Jack says:

        My understanding is that an employee was fired from his job for chairing a union meeting. The other employees are striking in protest against his being fired. To me it seems like an overreaction to fire somebody for such a reason. I am of the impression that the management of this company have lost control and have created such enemies of their own employees that there relationship is irreparable. I am not saying that everything would be perfect if the docks were government run but I am saying that such an essential service should not be allowed to be controlled by a private company whos management seem to be out of control and involved in a full blown war with their employees. Ultimately all residents in Bermuda need this service to be reliable whatever the cost.

    • Double S says:

      Lets go all the way and have them force the sale of our only electricity provider as well. I suggest you look at other countries who forced private businesses to be given up and how they have fared afterwards. If you think attracting much needed foreign investment to our shores is difficult o, then start stealing people’s companies and see how much harder it can get.

      The docks are run generally well with minimal disruptions. And yet you want the most inefficient entity operating in BDA to take them over.

      I suspect that is the underlying issue behind this action. PLP wants the Corporations to take over the water front or their own ambitions. Sounds like you are insider to be honest.

  9. You have tons of people out of work Chris’s wants to play with the jobs we have….look…I’ll unload the dock and you can stay home as long as you want!
    We need the import now more than ever!
    Step aside.
    Pandemic…means emergency measures are at play…Plp …sort this ship out!

  10. Joe Bloggs says:

    Dockworkers are an essential service. Where was the 21 day notice required by law?

  11. trufth says:

    Can anyone tell me:

    What is the penalty for an illegal strike such as this and why isn’t it being enforced??
    This is ridiculous and unacceptable!