Jasmine Hendrickson Publishes Children’s Book

November 3, 2020

Local author Jasmine Hendrickson has launched a children’s pop-up book entitled Let’s go to the Aquarium – A Pop up Adventure, which uses visual pop-up artwork to take young readers on a journey through the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo.

Ms. Hendrickson studied Graphic Design at Bermuda College and then transferred to New England Institute of Technology [NEIT] in Rhode Island, where she graduated with an Associate in Science in Graphics, Multimedia and Web Design.

Author Jasmine Hendrickson with Premier David Burt 

Let's Go To The Aquarium Book Launch Bermuda Nov 2020 1

Her book Let’s go to the Aquarium – A Pop up Adventure takes young readers on a journey through the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo [BAMZ] and introduces them to the resident animals such as lemurs, flamingos and fish, using amazing visual pop-up artwork.

Ms. Hendrickson was inspired to write about BAMZ because it is such a historical and cultural part of Bermudian life.

“It’s less of me choosing to write about the subject, and more about what creative thought inspires me the most,” said Ms. Hendrickson.

“One day, the Bermuda Aquarium just popped into my mind as something that would be such an interesting topic for pop-up designs. After that, the words just came to me and then transpired into an extensive creative thought!”

Author Jasmine Hendrickson with Premier David Burt and his family

Let's Go To The Aquarium Book Launch Bermuda Nov 2020 2

When asked why she decided to create a pop-up book, Ms. Hendrickson said “I have always loved pop-up books, and always thought of learning more about them and creating my own,

“I love illustration and design, not just as a one-dimensional form of art. Pop-up books are one of the greatest ways to portray this multi-dimensional side of arts and crafts. The artists and readers then have a way of seeing flat illustrations come to life, with movement and drawings literally popping up off the page.”

Ms. Hendrickson added, “Some of the greatest learning experiences I had during this process were the technical difficulties. The thing about paper mechanics is that a mere half of an inch measurement off can make you have to start all over again from scratch.

“Everything is by hand, and so, precision becomes like second nature to avoid disappointment. I genuinely enjoy the process, despite the challenges, and will continue to create pop-up books for as long as I can.”

Ms. Hendrickson and her family

Let's Go To The Aquarium Book Launch Bermuda Nov 2020 3

“It is extremely gratifying to see something that feels almost like a ‘piece of my soul’ being displayed to so many and enjoyed by the public. Creating this book has literally been the adventure of my life, and an experience I will never forget.

“Creating something with just your own two hands and a dream…it just teaches you that you can accomplish anything. All you need is a goal followed by perseverance, determination and love in your heart.”

On Saturday, 31st October, Premier David Burt and his family visited BAMZ to meet author Jasmine Hendrickson.

The Premier said, “I am delighted to be here at BAMZ with my family to congratulate Ms. Hendrickson on her new book. As a parent, I am thrilled to see my children reading and it is even more gratifying when they can learn about Bermuda in this interactive way.”

Ms. Hendrickson and Dr Ian Walker, Principal Curator of Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Let's Go To The Aquarium Book Launch Bermuda Nov 2020 4

Let’s go to the Aquarium – A Pop up Adventure is available in the shop at BAMZ and all proceeds support the Bermuda Zoological Society’s education programmes. The book is also available at the Bermuda College Bookstore, the Bermuda Book Store and Bookmart.

A BZS spokesperson explained, “The shared mission of BZS and BAMZ is to inspire appreciation and care of island environments, and as the support charity for BAMZ, the BZS is an example of a highly successful non-profit/public partnership.

“Each year the BZS provide more than 8,000 free educational experiences through our Stempel Foundation BZS Schools Programme in addition to popular community programmes for all ages, development of BAMZ exhibits, and conservation and research programmes. Each year, BZS Volunteers contribute over 10,000 hours of valuable husbandry support to the Aquarium and Zoo with all programmes being accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.”

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  1. Ladeej says:

    Congratulations Jasmine! What an accomplishment! I look forward to this and your future books.

  2. Your highschool homie says:

    YES JPAT! Well done, so amazing to see! Can’t wait to see what more great work you’ll do!

  3. Melanie says:

    Jazzzzzzyyyy I’m soooooo proud of you!! Xx

  4. Maryam Rahman says:

    Just received a text re Jasmin’s Children’s book although I think it is also a coffee table book just looking at the illustrations.
    My grandson Faris and great granddaughter Ariel still talk about their trip to the Aquarium and to see their journey documented so amazingly in a book is wonderful.
    Thank you Jasmine

  5. Debra Tucker says:

    Well done Jasmine. I’m so proud of you.