Photos: Car Overboard, Driver Rescued

December 23, 2020

[Updated] A woman was rescued by emergency personnel after her car crashed overboard in Sandys, with officers entering the water to assist the driver.

A police spokesperson said, “Shortly before 10:00 p.m. on Tuesday 22nd December, 2020, police received a report from on-duty Coast Guard personnel that a motorcar had crashed through the wooden barriers across from the West End Sailboat Club and landed in the sea.

“Upon arrival, three officers entered the water and moved to extract the driver, a twenty-eight-year-old female from the vehicle. The Coast Guard deployed a vessel which conducted an area patrol, and no other occupant was seen.

“Assisted by Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service personnel, the driver was taken out of the water. Initial medical assessment by EMTs ascertained that the driver sustained a minor leg injury.

“She was transported via ambulance to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital where it was subsequently determined she had suffered other internal injuries, which are not thought to be life threatening.”

Police Commissioner Stephen Corbishley praised the officers who responded to assist with the rescue effort: “I wish to publicly commend Western Division officers, Police Constables 2420 Kyle Outerbridge, 2523 Kayla Smith, 2505 Tavon Trott and 2497, James Williams, for the selflessness and courage they exhibited in this situation.

“Quick action by them, along with Acting Police Sergeant Melissa Butler, who managed the rescue operation assisted by COMOPS Operator, Police Constable 932 Terry Tucker, may well have prevented any loss of life given the circumstances involved.”

Update 4.25pm: Soldiers from the Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard on duty at their headquarters at nearby Watford House were alerted to the crash by the noise.

“Corporal CJ Richardson said and fellow soldier Private Keeshun Best went to check what had happened, saw the car upside down in the water and called police,” the RBR said.

“The pair raced back to Watford House and travelled back to the scene in a Coast Guard boat in case they were needed.”

Update: The car has been removed from the water


Cpl Richardson said: “We were happy to assist the police – we went to get the boat because we weren’t sure what more needed to be done or how many people were in the car.

“We were prepared to jump overboard and do what had to be done, but there was only one person in the car and the police had already got her out.”

Lieutenant Jeffrey Patterson, the RBR Marine Unit Commander, said the two, who were on duty at the time, went to investigate, saw debris in the road and checked the shoreline.

Lt Patterson added: “It’s another good example of the Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard cooperating with other services to protect the public. Our soldiers were happy to assist.”

Car Overturned West End Sailboat Club Bermuda Dec 2020 3

Car Overturned West End Sailboat Club Bermuda Dec 2020 4

Car Overturned West End Sailboat Club Bermuda Dec 2020 6

Car Overturned West End Sailboat Club Bermuda Dec 2020 7

Car Overturned West End Sailboat Club Bermuda Dec 2020 9

Car Overturned West End Sailboat Club Bermuda Dec 2020 10

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  1. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    hope they gave her a breath test

  2. Looking glass says:

    the driver is lucky that someone saw her car overboard. It would only take a minute or two to succumb to drowning. that was a blessing from God there.

    • Paz says:

      I am happy she survived.

      And all the thousands of others that die in car accidents were just unlucky or unworthy to get such a blessing. And children dying of cancer as we speak, with their parents praying and begging to their deity for some pity only to have their child die a slow painful death. I guess they were just unworthy. Yes, he works in mysterious ways.

      • SMH says:

        Paz please go sit down in a corn somewhere. Folks like you crack me up. I just love sitting next to your type on a plane when it’s so bad the stewardesses are anxious and all of a sudden for about 10 minutes you find “Jesus” or you start reevaluating your philosophies regarding a deity. Like I said go sit down and zip your lip.

        • saud says:

          You’ve never been on a plane in your life, you poor assed fool.

        • Paz says:

          SMH, I agree that people do silly things under pressure. They will believe in things that have no evidence tha give them hope and answer the, as yet, unexplained.

          Do you have a more thoughtful response to the issue of your god’s seemingly random and inconsistent blessing allotment?

          • SMH says:

            I think that sometimes people attribute things to God that had nothing to do with Him if that’s what you’re asking. For example, someone chain smoked everyday of their lives and they eventually end up with cancer and inevitably you’ll hear someone say that they guessed it was God’s will… no the person smoked everyday. It sounds to me (from your original response) that you have a problem with the “God” concept because He doesn’t fit your logic or your can’t wrap your mind around the concept if a good God exist then why doesn’t He prevent bad things from happening to good/innocent people and/or why do good things happen to bad people. That’s an interesting topic that’s been debated for ages. One possible retort of many is that “if God does does exist and He undid or prevented every bad decision we made before they negative effected us, then He’d have effectively taken away our power of choice” and biblically speaking that’s something that He gave to man so he’d be contradicting Himself… that’s just one argument. Question to you… in your opinion was math invented or discovered? I like these types of conversations. We can agree to disagree on some topics and others we’ll end up agreeing on.

            • Paz says:


              Thank you for the response.

              To be honest, I was disappointed in your initial response complete with personal insults. So you know, I would never ask a god for support in a crisis. I can say this honestly as I have had cancer for the past 20 years, the latest bout a few years of the infections, ICU, infections and sepsis – the near death kind. It would not occur to me to ask for divine intervention. Even when I was a sort-of believer I felt silly considering it.

              I don’t believe in gods because there is no evidence that they exist. The claims of godly intervention continue to be debunked by science. If we believe things without evidence then we can believe just about anything – conspiracy theories included. I would be happy if there was a god – a loving god – with a promising afterlife.

              There is a huge inconsistency in the way people give their gods credit for certain good things and impunity for others. I’m simply pointing that out.

              On free will and choice, I do not think that we have complete free will. Our neural pathways are formed when we are young. A young person who has always seen their parent or parents respond to stress with violence will do the same. I can hardly blame them. I can’t say they could have chosen otherwise. That seems unlikely. Our nature and nurture limit the choices under which we can express our, so called, free will.

              On the math questions, I would say that the laws of mathematics are “revealed” to exist and to be true. They are “discovered” by a person but they need to be proven using the physical properties and logic. I assume that you are angling for a discussion on whether your God was “discovered” or “invented” and am curious as to your perspective.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    Those wooden fences sure are effective. When will Bermuda catch up with the times & install proper steel crash barriers designed to keep vehicles on the road?

  4. Real Deal says:

    I know that water is cold because i have been in there.

  5. mamaligadoc says:

    With respect !!!