Leah Dean Releases ‘Assemble The Tribe’ Book

December 1, 2020

Assemble the Tribe Bermuda Nov 2020Bermudian author Leah Dean has released her first book, entitled Assemble the Tribe: Believe in Your Value. Find Belonging. Be Different.

A spokesperson said, “Leah J M Dean, born and raised on the island of Bermuda, combines her 20 years of local and international Human Resources, Executive and Board experience, to write this personal but timely book that reminds us that relationships are the foundation to healthy, happy lives at work and in life.”

Ms. Dean said, “We are at an inflection point in the world’s history. In 2020, the pandemic and political divides have pushed us inside and further apart. The pain of recovery and physical distance are wreaking havoc on our happiness and mental health.

“Research shows that loneliness, social isolation, and living alone increase mortality by 29% on average. If there was ever a time to think about our relationships in a whole new way, that time is now. I believe not only is now the time, but women are also uniquely positioned to impact how we connect and heal.”

The spokesperson said, “The book, Assemble the Tribe, will shift mindsets about how to build and navigate relationships and move women to not only thrive but transform their connections. Too many women struggle with the pain of rejection.

“According to Leah’s proprietary group research with more than 1200 women, 71% of women have experienced rejection by other females, 50% of that number under the age of 18, 25% under the age of 12. That rejection often sets the stage for our relationship experience for years to come.

“However, in Assemble the Tribe, Leah shares her simple tribe building formula: believe + belong = be different, to help readers experience a mindset transformation.

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“Assemble the Tribe is designed as an easy read and reference guide for women no matter their relationship status. With time tested research, tips, tools, and lots of stories, this book encourages readers to transform the way we build, nurture, raise the next generation and show up in the world every day.

“Leah has worked with leaders and executives to build stronger teams, also known as tribes, for 20 years. She has created movements, produced events for women and girls, and has spoken to women about how connection and support can inspire positive personal and professional change.

“Over the years, Leah has seen patterns of pain and rejection in the personal and professional relationship stories of women from across the world, highlighting the fact that no matter our background, we are more alike than we think.

“Leah took this inspiration and combined it with her professional expertise to write the book Assemble the Tribe to help us reset our relationships at a time when the world needs it, more than ever before.

“Join Leah for the official virtual book launch for Assemble the Tribe: Believe in Your Value, Find Belonging, Be Different.

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“Visit here to register for the virtual event. Come spend an evening with the author, celebrating the launch of the book. There will be stories from Leah’s tribe and book giveaways.

“The book is available for purchase globally and in Bermuda as follows:

  • Amazon.com: here [available 12/1]
  • Bermuda Bookstore
  • Brown and Co
  • Long Story Short
  • Modblu
  • People’s Pharmacy

“Please note that due to shipping delays, the books have not yet arrived on the island. An announcement will be issued via Leah’s website, press, and social media when the books are available for purchase.

“Due to COVID-19, and concern for local residents, all live book signing events have been postponed until further notice.”

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